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  1. I'm having the same issue after I had to delete my preferences folder. Now I cannot import my custom views without getting the above error message. Did you find a solution to this?
  2. Hi, after the latest update when I try and submit my team for the next match FM keeps crashing. I have uploaded the save for you to have a look at and put the crash dump file in the directory. Both files are called LefevreV1. Thanks
  3. Personally I would try switching my passing to direct as you are looking to play on the break. I would also play wider as you are employing wing backs. You could also try hassle opponents so that you can try and win the ball back higher up the pitch as you are sitting deep
  4. So finally I end up with this: Goalkeeper* - Defend Full Back - Support - Central Defender - Defend - Central Defender - Defend - Wing Back - Attack Box to Box Midfielder*** - Support - Deep Lying Playmaker** - Defend Winger - Attack - Advanced Playmaker**** - Support - Inside Forward***** - Support Advanced Forward - Attack * Distribute to Defenders ** Ball Winning Midfielder when Flamini plays *** Deep Lying Playmaker when Flamini plays **** Roams from Position ***** Sits Narrower This was a great read - extremely detailed and thought provoking. I run a very similar system to the above although I use a DLF - support as my striker, with the AM on a attack role and some different CM settings. This is to fit the players I have at my disposal. I do exactly the same with counter/control strategy's and on occasion I drop the CM back to a DM position if the AI is finding too much space in front of my back four. I have tried to use a Ball Playing Defender as my defensive outlet simply because I wanted to try something different. I haven't yet quite got the right player, in that role, but its been an interesting exercise that I will persist with.
  5. In the end I decided to switch the DM to a BWM(d) and put the AMR onto a Support role. So far so good with only 4 goals conceded in the last 6 and those were 2 each in 2 matches. What's even more pleasing is I don't seem to have lost any of my attacking potency as I scored 14 in the same period.
  6. You can also make the wingers use the opposite foot to how you want them to cross the ball to their strikers ie make them cross balls inside to taller players and outside high crosses to smaller forwards.
  7. I've just come back to FM after a 3 year hiatus. Like Lathund above I have been using a 4-1-2-2-1 with a DM 2x CM & AMR/L's. I have the DM(D) as an Anchor a CM as a AP(A) and one as BBM(S), the AML as a Winger(A),the AMR as a IF(A), and the forward as a F9(s). Bear in mind I am playing with Worcester so my players are not elite by a long way (mind you neither are the opposition lol). Going forward this set-up can provide beautiful play and I am 2nd in the league so far in goals (52 in 26) but I have also conceded 45 with a lot of 10 goal games (think back to Ozzie managing Spurs or Keegan at Newcastle, more recently). So I need to experiment a bit more with the DM role, as this clearly isn't working, and/or possibly switch with this becoming a support role and having one of the 2 MC's take up the defensive duties. The other option is to make either of the AM's into a support role but I'm loathe to do this as this part of the tactic seems to be working.
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