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  1. Is a tycoon takeover possible in the Irish league?
  2. I started a game using this with 11.2. I recently finished my latest first season since 11.3 came out. Manchester United have suddenly been moved to the Vodkat Premier Division, and Clapton have replaced them in the Premier League whilst also being in the Blue Square Prem!
  3. I'm in 2033, my son is 32 years old. I've been talking him into becoming a manager, so hoping for some cracking rivalry in the future.
  4. I had a son last night, and like you, my second nationality is Irish. It only has English for him though, would have liked the lad to play for the Emerald Isle but oh well
  5. I literally just got a son of my own!! yessss. thing is, i'm top of the prem and it says he'll only be good enough for the championship.
  6. You buy the new FIFA, but can't bring yourself to play the career mode because it is so damned unrealistic.
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