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  1. I'm 44 and have been play CM/FM since 1992 when I was given CM by a friend who'd got it with his Amiga but didn't like football games. I have been playing football games since the spectrum football manager back in the early 80's. I have been on these forums for years and before that, on techcities. SIgames has been integral in my usage of the internet and internet forums, learning photoshop skills, learning html and css, learning how to install stuff on servers. Without sigames I would never have developed the skills I have. What I have noticed, both in game and in real life that FM really has started reflecting real life, I first really noticed in Suarez's first season at Liverpool when hit hit the woodwork more than any other player in the history of football ever. This was brilliantly simulated by FM that year, with all my top strikers in any team I managed hitting the woodwork far more times than would have been realistic had suarez's woodwork stat not been skewing the stats. For me, FM is going beyond game into real simulation, and certainly for the last couple of years has been far too involved for me, someone who just wants to manage a team and for them to win lots of games. I'm still happyish with FM14 and am waiting to see what happens with FM15.
  2. i ditched linux a few years ago because i just couldn't get the music software i needed. i had a virtual machine that i used to play FM on back then, so am glad to hear there is full support for linux. very well done SIGames
  3. First played the kevin toms football manager on the speccy. Had or played most of the speccy and c64 games mentioned in this thread. I was given Champ Manager 93 on the Amiga by a mate who bought a second hand amiga and hated football. I have fond memories of starting a new season, going downstairs to make something to eat, having a cup of tea and a couple of smokes before it was ready to play I missed the Italia one. I think I had 98/99. Definitely bought the 99/00 for £17 from blockbusters. Bought all of them up until the steam activation thing. Had a couple of years off. Bought 11/12 and this year will probably be my last as I really don't like it. I'm still playing 11/12.
  4. kept losing pre update. 2 matches so far post update. lost the first one 4-1 ( was expected to easily win) my team played absolute pants and were lucky to score at all. lost the second one 1-0 (expected to get humped) watching the match it looked like we had a some good quality shots on goal that were super-keepered. in looking at the stats we had more shot on target but they had 4 CCC we just had 1. I can only assume the visual representation of the match doesn't reflect the stats. the goal we conceded was another of the goal keeper own goals.
  5. Disclaimer: I am, and always have been a terrible manager unless I heavily edit using FMRTE I am really disappointed by the way the players glide awkwardly. The super goalie is still there, though it does happen for me more than it used to. My defenders can't tackle My players can't pass properly and their choices are nearly always questionable. Woodwork, skyed shots and disallowed goals for both sides. There has been 4 OGs in 10 games: 3 for 1 against. I have no idea what I am doing, the names of the shouts are not using conventional parlance like the advice from the assistant. I have dominated possession, had most shots on target in most games yet lost most games by 3-1. This isn't fun, really
  6. Anyone know how i can learn to make a real time editor? I want to produce a free real time editor. I had a very basic grasp of VB several years ago
  7. Inspiring and healing and increased ca/pa on a few of my team is pretty much all i've done. It could be a player/staff issue causing the crash. I can't remember if any of my players are also staff - some are certainly coming to the end of their careers and might well have coaching attributes.
  8. FAO Ruci: FMRTE 5.1 and 5.1.1 causes my pre FM 12.1 game to crash but works fine with a new FM 12.1.1 game.
  9. well i got it as i had donated earlier this year and disappointed that it causes FM to crash.
  10. guess i'm gonna have to learn to program 10 REM ***FMSE*** 20 PRINT "hello world"; 30 GOTO 10 This is going to take longer than i thought
  11. if i am passive-calm my team generally does well, the moment i am distracted by wife or child the opposition will score and my team forget they are playing football and run around the pitch doing headless chicken impersonations.
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