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  1. I also disagree. I beat AC Milan in the CL final on penalties as Arsenal. Both teams missed the first one, my team then scored the next four, while AC Milan only scored two.
  2. Happy Steam Mac day everyone!

    Worked perfectly. No issues here.
  3. Can teams go bust?

    Don't think it's possible due to the fact that as long as the team is in existence, they cannot go bust without being sued by the club in question.
  4. Never. Both facebook and twitter can suck it. Don't screw with FM just for that crap. As others have stated, players have been fined immensely for twitter conversations about transfers and contracts.
  5. Regens

    Damn...that's one good player. I had something like that, never that good however. He was 16, only cost me $650k from Athletico and he tore up the U18s until I sent him on loan to Oldham, where he did exactly the same thing. Something like 48 goals in 22 apps for the U18s with countless assists, he was the sole reason I won the U18s league and cup for the 3 years, not to mention he got Oldham promoted.
  6. Takeovers

    Likewise...I actually had one takeover on FM09 but then had a crash dump the next time I hit continue and the file was corrupted, so never really wanted to find out how I would do under a transfer embargo.
  7. I have SuperBladesman's lower leagues to division 11 download. Only started in division 11 a couple of days ago, but so far I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Just a side note, I'm not usually one for LLM but I think its wearing on me. Worse that could happen is that you don't like it and stop playing in those divisions.
  8. Best result of the season....

    6-1 Man City vs. Man Utd at Old Trafford to halt my 4 draw run.
  9. Steam Users: How Many Hours Played?

    967.6 hours. Something like that here. But I also leave my PC on for extended periods of time.
  10. Unbeaten Season

    I went undefeated in the EPL until the second to last game of the season. Can't remember who I lost to, all I remember is that is was a smaller, promoted team. My record was somewhat like Arsenal's Invincible season. 23-12-1.
  11. Do people lie in this forum?

    WhyTF does every care if someone cheats or not??? It's an individual game (unless online) for each to enjoy to himself. It's that simple.
  12. Always fun to read of your travels, Crouchy. Been following your Calcio and St. Albans City saves. Keep up the good work.
  13. I play Christian Sargai out of CB position into RB position for my Olympiokos Volou squad with success. Albeit, I just got them promoted and over-performed (much like Hull City last season), but he's still playing well.
  14. Go back to team talk?

    Never noticed this nor had this problem. If you accidentally press the space bar once, just make sure you don't do it again. Problem solved. On a side note, I've forgotten to do the team talk for a game and nothing changed or happened.
  15. Players Value Limited?

    Hahahaha....the continuing, never-ending run of Andrew Smylie. Always nice to see him get his credit where it's due.