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  1. A way to immediately reject all co-ownership offers, and being able to make that policy clear to your players when you sign them. Co-ownership is a big stink.
  2. I want more information and less clicks. If I talk to a player about his last game, and I tell him that his passing hasn't been good enough, why isn't there a percentage shown? "Your passing (52%) was poor. You need to improve." Or "Your shots aren't hitting the target enough (1 out of 4). That should improve." Saves me having to look at the stats from the last game again, and the players could explain to me why he thinks hitting a big target like a goal only 1 in 4 times is acceptable. I want players to get marked at throw-ins. If the throw in is close to the goalline there will usually be an opponent on the line completely unmarked. Sloppy. I want to be able to fine 5 players at the same time for a poor performance. Now, I have to do them all five separately. Annoying. It'd be great to get some instant feedback from my individual team-talk to a substitute. Also, I'd like to be able to talk to the guy who is coming off as well, to tell him what I thought of his performance, or maybe tell him I'm taking him off because I need him int he next game and his fitness was going down. I'd like to be able to tell a player he's been training very well. I'd like to be able to tell my free kick taker to not pass it to my limited center back every time. I don't want him to be in possession. If you need to pass this free kick, do it the other way around: let my idiot center back pass it to my gifted playmaker. I would like more feedback from training. What it feels like right now is that when the team are out on the pitch training, I am inside, with my back to the window doing something else entirely. Once a week I shall ask my assistant who has been good and who has been bad. That doesn't sound right. I'd like to stop conceding from corners every game (might just be my tactics). I'd like better team meetings. Last time I tried two in one week, I was told that I should stop these silly team meetings. Is it so weird for the manager to talk to the group twice a week? I get it though, because they are tedious. It's a good idea, but completely useless as is. Example: I tell my team to keep their heads up, and we can avoid relegation. My captain chimes in and says: that's right! We need to buck up our ideas and do it soon." He's fierce and assertive. A couple of players react well: result! I ask if someone else wants to raise something. Next guy, addressing my captain: "You won't get anywhere with that attitude." Sha-zam, a couple of players react badly. I now have a divided room. The game signals for me that it is time to wrap up this meeting after having heard two guys and leaving the dressing room in disharmony. I get the options of: I guess I misjudged the situation, I'm disappointed with that reaction and something like I'm glad we're on the same page. I don't think any of these apply. I'd like to assign roles to players. If I'm taking off my target man because he's losing everything in the air anyway and I bring on my poacher, why do I need to set his instructions every single time? Half my offsides are from passes to the guy who just took the corner. That doesn't seem right. I'd like to see my players shoot the ball directly at the back of their teammate's head. 1. Teammate shouldn't be having his back to the ball to begin with and 2. How often do you see this happen in real life? I see it about once a game in FM, and I'm playing with the key highlights only. PLease please please stop the immense stupidity when handing out bookings. It's funny the first time, and annoying as **** the other times. Just show the booking and get on with it. This goes much quicker and will allow the player to get into the right position. Never should the referee and the player (why are they so far apart to begin with?) shuffle towards each other at minimal pace. Why can't I tell my team to do better than the last game? Why can't I ask my team what they thought about the last game? Right now I'm playing Inter, and I didn't expect to win. We're going to get relegated. But we're 3-0 down and not showing any signs of wanting to do well. Why can I not raise this issue with my players? Surely they would have some input. I should be able to indicate to the game what I think is important, maybe for every position. For instance, I should be able to say that I think a high pass completion percentage is a big deal. Or tackles. Anyway, I want to scores the players get to be a reflection of what I think is important specifically. There's more, but I lost and morale is low and there's no way to change that since I've used up all my player meeting tokens and that's the only way I can talk to the players even a little bit. I'm going to do something else.
  3. One of my players had a 'shoots with power' PPM, which made him spectacularly miss the easiest chances (and score some amazing goals sporadically). Coach said that he'd give it a go, even if he thought he was never going to unlearn it. A few weeks later I got a message saying that he succeeded in unlearning it, which worked out fantastically as he is now usually top scorer in the league. So, I guess, don't give up.
  4. FM12 Scouting Problem

    He has full knowledge of the country, so he feels he only has to dig around in his archives a bit and report back, which takes a day. Send a scout without full (100%) knowledge to France - he will come back after a few weeks.
  5. Had this problem too, had to verify the cache twice and now it's running again. Don't give up!
  6. Just very bored with the game. It was fun while it lasted.
  7. Hi lads, I've just uninstalled FM10. Won't be coming around here either. If anyone wants to keep in touch, my MSN name is in my profile
  8. I always imagine Motivating factoring in as well.
  9. And sigames not siggames. And Neji, not Nemji. And what's, not whats. In touch, not intouch. It's, not its. Someone, not somone.
  10. You might want to use the right address as well if you want your emails to arrive.
  11. It's likely that different players are reacting to each answer. Ambition and professionalism are weighed as well, I think.
  12. Time to snap up some quality players at Liverpool methinks!
  13. I'd like to feel more involved. Right now, it seems all so static. I can't talk to players, explain why I'm not playing them, why I want them to go on loan, why I'm buying someone, selling someone, playing someone out of position. I can't explain anything. I can just tell them "You are doing well" or "You are not doing well". And I have to do it through the press. For ****'s sake, what manager only communicates with their players through the press? I want to ask players what formation they want, what position they like, what training they would like. Who should fill in if my two central defenders are suspended. Etcetera. When I take any job I always say the players can come to me with anything. Sadly, no player has ever come to me with anything. I think that's what I dislike about the game. And I don't think I'll buy the next instalment if it doesn't improve. It seems so empty in between matches.
  14. Yup. I think more player interaction could provide some more enjoyment.