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  1. thanks for the comments guys. i think i am going to have to wait and see what comes available before deciding.
  2. Any more ideas guys? Obviously it all depends on what happens in the game and what clubs become available to manage but in an ideal world were does everyone think would be the best place to manage next? Just out of interest, is the dutch league better than the Portuguese league in FM because it might benefit me to go there 1st for more experience before jumping into one of the big leagues?
  3. When i buy the game the first team i manage is Liverpool because thats team i support irl. When that goes pear-shaped which it inevitibly does (too much of an emotional attchment) i start again as unemployed with the most leagues my computer can handle and with an automatic reputation. I find that i enjoy this alot more because i can focus on the 'facts' rather than who i like and who i dislike etc.
  4. Team Talk

    I have to say that i never use the none button. I always use the 'dont get complacent' or 'i dont expect your performance to drop'!
  5. Manager Contract

    Could this work the other way and improve your chances of getting another job if the new club doesnt have to pay alot of compensation?
  6. Corners...

    Try defending set pieces on the match preparation screen, it worked for me!
  7. Toshef - thanks for the reply. I was really after some advice on where to go next in my current save as Benfica manager as apposed to starting a new save. I have enjoyed what i have accomplished with Benfica an i was looking at were to go next to get me closer to my goal of managing a big European team
  8. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of going to a mediocre team in the English Premier League. Maybe a Bolton or Birmingham. I will obviously have to wait and see what jobs become available or if any clubs even want me. Thanks for the input
  9. Hi All Just thought i would say that i am absolutely loving FM 11. Anyway, I am looking for a bit of advice with regards to my save. My main aim with this save was to eventually take over at one of the big Europena teams (e.g. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpoo, Man City, Arsenal). I'll start from the beginning: I began a save unemployed with the top leagues selected in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Holland and the top two leagues selected in England. I took over Benfica in the Portuguese league in December 2010. Benfica were sitting in 9th place in the league and they had been knocked out of all the cup competitions. I finished the 2010/11 in 2nd place which i was very pleased with. I made a few good signings in the closed season and i managed to win the league and the domestic cup in the 2011/12 season. I also managed to get to the knock out stages of the European cup whic again i was pleased with considering the squad i had available. I am in November 2012 and i there have been quite a few jobs from the afore mentioned leagues come available but i have resisted temptation and stayed put. I am hoping that another successful season will see me lift the league title once again as well as another possible domestic cup. But my eyes are starting to wonder and i am considering my next move in my managerial career. Obviously the perfect job is not going to fall onto my lap when i want it to but the reason for this thread is to ask for some advice on where i should possibly manage next should the opportunity arise? Like i have said i want to move to the next level so just wondering what league would be best to move to from the Portuguese League? Thanks in advance
  10. Top managers not taking any jobs?

    I usually go Liverpool if i am starting a new save but in most of mine rafa always go to manage Spain or Benfica.
  11. Crazy Take overs....

    I am manager of Inter at the minute 4 seasons into the game and Figo is chairman having taken over from Moratti last year.
  12. It's too easy.

    Speaking from a personal point of view i struggle with setting a brilliant tactic and i would say that i change everything about my team every other game. Please pass on your wisdom to us people that struggle with taking rubbish teams to the dizzy heights of superstardom.
  13. I agree with OP. I think that it would be a good addition if the manager wasnt 'blamed' for selling on an unhappy player and especially when the manager has got a good price. I understand that a set of fans love a certain player but surely the fans wouldnt love him that much if they knew that he wanted to leave the club.
  14. I say move on. You wouldnt be posting up on here unless you were really down hearted and i think if you carry on there is a major possibility that it might have a negative affect on your team and your enjoyment. Go to Norwich and try to bring them back up or go to a bigger team in europe and see if you can be successful there. On a personal note, what i like to do when in the position you find yourself in now is to go to a club that used to be big and see if you can bring them back to old glories. In one of my previous saves i was finding it hard to get motivated managing Liverpool when i had won all but the Champs League so i jumped ship and moved to AC Milan who had finished just above the relegation zone for the past few seasons. I joined them and got a new lease of life for playing the game. I ended up taking them to the Serie A title after 2 seasons and was consistently performing in Europe.
  15. Does anyone have any other ideas as to why this is happening?