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  1. Hi, My board has determined club culture targets (play entertaining football etc.). Immediately determined 5 types after first season (unlikely but could be a bug fyi), now end of season 22/23. All Club Culture Targets remain "in progress". Regards, DurLennart
  2. Hi, Just won the Dutch playoff for European qualification. It triggers an additional fee clause for winning the Eredivisie for a player I bought. Regards, DurLennart
  3. It's supposed to be the same as the original FMT skin. It does not change anything.
  4. Hi, In FMT when I visit any national team, I get the senior team visible in the familiar view we know. But when I click the U23 or U19, it changes from the regular view to the tactic screen. There is no way to view these youth teams in the regular view. I presume it's an user interface bug. Kind regards, DurLennart Edit: the same thing happens when visiting the reserve squad of regular teams.
  5. You can't offer "optional extension by club" if you already have the maximum years offered in your contract. For example, try offering a one or two-year contract, with an optional extension. Hopefully this will help.
  6. Done. I also only filled out the number #1. Good luck!
  7. On my save an 36/37 year old Robin van Persie joined his former team Excelsior, first division in Holland.
  8. Leagues usually get added at the end/beginning of every season. If you go to the add/remove leagues, you will see the dates at which the leagues will be added or removed. Hope this helps!
  9. Perhaps this is very important for other clubs to approach you?
  10. The only reason I reloaded during FM2013 was because I wanted to get my son through the youth intake. Without any luck though...
  11. I thought I had the same issue, but after the final game of the season I did receive the message. Maybe you will receive it later on.
  12. CM 01/02 had Dionys Chiotis at age 38 become player of the season.
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