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  1. 1.much much more interaction(players,staff,board,ai managers...) 2.less press conferences 3.more fun in the game,so we won't need any books to read before playing 4.option to exclude pitches when you start the game(i use only text,it's all about imagining) 5.more start game options that could significantly improve game speed,last one is terribly slow
  2. I would like to see more interaction in many ways with board.players,media and fans and of course various answers to choose.Newspapapers like in real life to read.Redesigned menus and optimized game.Less complicated tactics and training like in this last edition where it's hard to win a game.Thank you!
  3. Don't know if i'm in right place to ask,but has anyone played 2007 with database update 0809?I'm bored with cm 01/02 and now i'm looking for something different,haven't played 2007 for a long time,and i wanna know is it a good update?
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