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  1. Oh Bugger! I meant to click preview again it's nowhere finished yet. Apologies for the bad writing. Any screen shots, questions welcome and any advice on first glances of the tactic? PS: The pictures are rubbish as well, what's the best way to upload them?
  2. AFC BOURNEMOUTH The class of 442 & beyond As a beloved Cherry and a club which seems to neglected this FM, despite being new comers to the premier league with a unique style of play. As a casual FM player, it's beyond me how I would attempt to achieve Eddie Howe's style in FM but I will try drip feed it in over a slow process along with help from the wonderful FM Community. I have no idea what formation Eddie Howe throws out apart from the basic setup of the formation being 442 the majority of his Bournemouth career. In an interview I saw a while a back Eddie Howe says "I don't like to call it 442". so where we do we go from here? The basic 442 formation. The only change I made in pre season was CM to support from defend and DLF to DF-S but still unsure on this position. Team Instructions: The instructions here are what I believe in most Bournemouth teams as the basics even if they were terrible at them! Retain Possession Exploit The Flanks Play Out Of Defence Work Ball Into Box Fairly Narrow (more so under Eddie Howe and without the ball) Close down more (essential in a EH team) The only player instructions so far are close down more on strikers & less on CB'S Squad: Transfers: Transfer activity was minimal, selling is difficult at the moment and the budget I had was needed for a couple of quality players rather than a heap of okay players. As for getting Mammana over other top clubs... I just offered a little more in what he asked for. As I stated, I'm a casual fm player but time & time again I will see the same mistake of people totally dismantling a squad from day 1 or thinking your good enough and buying a whole heap of new players and expecting the same the outcome. Buy your necessities, improve gradually and dismantle over time is the way I have chosen. Pre-Season:
  3. How did I not discover this before? My Beloved #AFCB Excellent thread. UTCIAD
  4. Just go into January and still finding it hard to ship out any players. Just managed to get 2.7 for Pabon, was about to list the ever injured Canales until he scored a worldly. Only player so far in this window is Rodrigo Gomez coming in and scoring on his debut Got 10m left but dunno who to buy. Ideally I'd like Balanta but they just rejected a 10m bid and Doria is at Benfica. Bit slow going on the rebuild, I've usually ripped apart the squad in the first window especially for a team like this with a load of old or average players on big wages. Guess that's half the challenge.
  5. Thought I'd give a Valencia save a bash as my rents reside in The Costa's. Pretty much every player I listed had no interest so ended up staying clogging up the wage budget. Offered out - Postiga 0, Guaita for 500k, Costa 0, Barragan for 1m. Only 1 loan came in and that was Postiga from Lyon who he rejected. Wonderful. Only player I managed to sell which I didn't want to was Banega for 20m to United. He got in a hissy fit and thought ahh sod it I'll cash in and bring in Will Hughes for 6m. Also got Sam Byram and Alexander Milosevic. I play a weird asymmetric formation. Flat back 4, DM, CM, RM, CAM, LAM, CF and currently 3rd after 12 games. W8, D2, L2 to Barca. Not played many harsh teams yet though. Lost to Barca at home and Sevilla at home with draws to Bilbao and Espanyol away. Don't they like getting fined in Spain or something? I've had 3 reds already lol and fined them 2 weeks wages and all of them went mental.
  6. Lord Edward would never leave us again.... till the next time
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