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  1. What an end. Thanks for the memories.
  2. EthanM

    One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    I am glad that your patience has been rewarded.
  3. Don't be dismayed, you're doing a wonderful job.
  4. EthanM

    [FM18] Not Another Journeyman Story

    Best of luck at Arsenal.
  5. What a reunion with the Bhutan legend.
  6. Has anyone encountered this issue where your players just receive mysterious long term bans for non-existent red cards? I am managing in the San Marino League and I have three players suspended for periods ranging from 4 months to 2 years. Edit: Found that other players in the league also received bans on the same day.
  7. Amazing. Is Tyler an icon or legend yet?
  8. I believe that they tried resolving this in 18.3.1 because I started a new save game and found that one Chinese team was able to register 10 foreign players for Asian Champions League. Only found out when I was playing against them.
  9. Does the champion of the Highland League compete in a promotion playoff? Formartine United were champions in the 2013/14 season but they're still around in the 14/15 season.
  10. Yeah it's confirmed. http://www.goal.com/en-sg/news/3952/asia/2013/11/27/4434686/afc-champions-league-expanded-for-2014
  11. The view from the stadium is spectacular. Good luck with Fort William!
  12. Good luck in the promotion stage! Hopefully Paulo Vaz will fire you to promotion.