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  1. I will upload tactics and screen shots later but i read a lot of people moaning/struggling with tactics......Why? Season 1 3rd championship lost in playoff final season 2 winners championship season 3 premier league champions (amassing over 90 points) with a wage budget of 250k per week Team:- Mattia Perin-£0 Chris Solly-£2.5 Pontus Jansson-£0.8 Marco Capuano-£7.5 Mashiela(or however its spelt south african full back)-£0 simao-£0 mihelic-£0.3 will hughes already there midjtso-£1 velikonja-£1.5 Mason Bennet already there. There is bound to be people who are suspicious of this acheivement but its not difficult at all and the team are well organised and play rigid,i have taken all long shots off too! Because of it's simplicity and how well its done i thought why not eventually share it with those who are struggling or over complicating/thinking the tactics creator. My team has cost 13.6 million total i recaived that much alone for john brayford,frank feilding and chris bryson,i have 25 million to spend and refuse to do so.I have no real world class players and will hughes and mason bennett are 18 and 20 respectivley. Thanks for reading
  2. Any news on when the tactic will be posted? Very interested cuz my current game is driving me crazy. Is the new "eagle" very different from the beta?
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