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  1. What major issues do you see with the roles and duties? In terms of role suitability, I am talking about the green circle. A BWM in a defensive role must work better than a BBM for this?
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I definitely need to look at tweaking my TIs. I have been so convinced morale and motivational aspects cause my blips in form that I haven’t looked at my roles and instructions in enough depth. I think you all agree my tactics are responsible and my ups and downs and can be related to player form on the day. So when my players don’t play great, the weaknesses in the tactic are really exposed. One of my friends mentioned I’m not playing any players in their most suitable role and this is something else I need to look into. In the past I’ve always played with a BWM in MCL and been a bit more stable. I just don’t have a suitable player for that role right now. This is a formation where my AMC struggles to play and I was never sure why. I guess all his space is being taken by the BBMs. I’ve got enough points here to take a step back and rebuild my tactic.
  3. Hi Folks, I’m currently playing a game of FM19 with Rangers. I’m in my 4th season and I’ve finished 2nd in the league in the previous 3 seasons. I tend to fall 20-30 points behind Celtic each season. So I tend to find I go on a good run at the start of the season , morale gets as high as it can and my players are looking motivated. This season I lost my form after a game to Hibs. I beat them 5-1 in the cup semi final (with complete domination) and then directly after I played them in the league at home and lost 1-0 in a pretty even game. My form is now in a LWLWLW fashion. A couple of games later I played Motherwell who were 11th in the league and lost 1-0 in a pretty even game( morale then crashed down to Okay). My players always respond well to team talks and direct player interaction (praise or criticism) and I’m not seeing any signs of complacency. Does this issue seem to be related to a tactical flaw or the mental state (morale and confidence) of my team? I’m confused how the performance of my whole team can just drop so suddenly then I struggle to get past in games which I would have eased through. Any feedback would be great.
  4. Hi folks, So my team has been on good form at the start of the season, team morale is generally superb. I’ve just come off another victory, praised my players and got no negative feedback. With a few of the players, the praise “went to their heads”, but this is no great concern. So a couple of days after this victory, I notice the general morale of my team has gone down to okay/good for most players. A significant drop! Theres two reasons I can think of: In the previous game I put a player into my team with “poor” morale. He wants to leave the club because he think s I bought another player to replace him(which I didn’t). So I thought I’d try play him more to build his morale. The team morale was high at the end of the previous game. As a final note, this is a young player who is bottom tier on the hierarchy. The second option is my unhappy vice captain who is also a Team Leader. His morale has generally been lower in the last few months anyway due to a couple of concerns.(steady at really good). So I criticised his training after this match (for the 3rd time in short succession). It didn’t go down well. I then criticised his conduct and he accepted that. His morale dropped to “okay”. Can a young player have such an impact on the whole team, or is it my team leader vice captain who has dropped the morale of the squad? Unless I’m missing something else? Cheers, Stephen
  5. I think you have just set your attribute too low when you built your manager. You must be doing everything right if you have managed to get 100% and increase your attributes. I feel like I’m doing the same as you but not getting improvement in this stat. Do you give the players what they want when they complain? Do you criticise victories if performance was low?
  6. I would say I follow the same sort've path as yourself but my rating sits at 50%.
  7. My feedback only for the pre match talk will say “nothing specific noted”, “listened keenly “ etc. Occasionally I get instances where a couple of players gain motivation or confidence. I get better responses from my players at half time and full time
  8. I'm always hard on my players when not getting the result we should be getting at half time or full time. "Disappointing" is the type of response I give assertively. I will always calmly praise the team when we win.
  9. I almost always get a positive reaction I almost always get a positive reaction from my half time and full time team talks. Players gain confidence, seem motivated, are fired up , look delighted etc.
  10. What team talk would you use instead to prevent your players becoming complacent? I always felt that works best for me, until it stops working. I normally do well in my first season up to new year, then everything falls apart. I think it must be related to my team talks.
  11. For instance, I normally take charge of a high reputation club ( for the league) like Rangers, Man Utd, Barcelona etc. I often use " I expect a win" so my players don't become complacent against the smaller teams. Is there something I'm doing wrong here if I'm using that ( or another version of it) for each team talk?
  12. Did you select an attribute of 1 when you built your manager?I think you are doing the correct things. You have increased your stats by 2 points. Its just going to take time. It think if you rebuilt your manager stats you would see an increase in two points from your chosen starting attribute. What have you been doing to get your Handling Team Discipline up to 100%? Mine has dropped to 45% and I have always been poor in this area across all the Football Managers. Do you constantly fine players? Or do you use aggressive team talks often? Or you refuse to give praise after winning? I often criticise my players form and training if performance has dropped. I fine a weeks wages for a straight red card. Cant seem to improve my stat.
  13. Hi folks, Has anyone noticed a dive in team morale at half time? Even if my players are playing well and have a good scoreline, morale seems to take a dive. Team cohesion, dressing room atmosphere and managerial support are all "very good". Its confused me as to what team talk to give at half time. Really confused why this happens. Am I missing something? Only point I could make is I rarely get any sort've feedback from my players after my pre-match team talk anymore. Maybe I'm using the same team talk ( or team talks in general) too often? My assistant often tells me not to say anything because I would over complicate the situation. Is this where a potential problem lies or are these two separate issues? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Stephen
  14. Hey folks. Im Man Utd at the moment and Rooney has scored about 20 goals this season then for about 10 games in a row hes scored none and just generally playing crap. I've had a similar situation with Van Persie but hes scored only 4 this season. Im generally quite harsh on my strikers for poor performances so I dont know if that makes a big difference. Van Persie has never really got going at any point this season. It seems that one bad performance just leads to a series of shocking performances. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers, Stevie
  15. Wat sort of "in match" changes and opposition instructions are you setting? That could be the difference.....
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