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  1. lol does sound familiar. With the new update its impossible to get any decent signings and with debts at 900K every month.So come the enf of the season You`ll be 5mill in the red!
  2. Can you not get an emergency loan or signing? This happens IRL so why can`t you not do it the game?
  3. FM 11 Heart of Midlothian fc thread

    Starting a new save again, this time am going to have a larger database.
  4. FM 11 Heart of Midlothian fc thread

    1st season. Players in: Bob harris Nastja ceh Andrius velicka Out: Ruben Bouzid Celtic 73pts- won by +10 goal difference on last day vs utd Dundee utd 73pts won both cups Rangers 71pts HEARTS 70pts New season vlad has only gave me 100k to spend! So no new faces at tynie this season, hopefully if i get i good run in europe make extra £ i should get a decent budget next season.
  5. FM 11 Heart of Midlothian fc thread

    I am going to start a save, i will update as each season finishes.
  6. Can you acually get a instant result for your match? don`t think i`ve seen that anywhere.
  7. That must be cool! i want two monitors
  8. Why not have real time weather effects just like tiger woods for the ps3? or will that be a bad idea
  9. What do you do while playing

    For me i sometimes play poker or trawl the web looking at crap
  10. Shure you can,just move your saved game from c:documents/sportsinteractive/fm10/saved games. to your desktop.once you have un-installed then re-installed put the saved game back to your saved games folder.
  11. new laptop

    I have a packard bell EasyNote MH45 laptop. Processor:Genuine Intel® CPU T1600 @ 1.66HGz with 4BG RAM. I can run a max four leagues for about 5 seasons before it starts to slow down. I would go for more processor speed, RAM dont make much diffrence.
  12. This "corner" cheat do i have to set it up everytime i play a match.?
  13. http://yfrog.com/ba97659196p The tick box.