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  1. Fantastic news! Shame about losing the season, but at least you get to carry on without losing the whole lot. This thread is pretty much the only reason I visit the forums these days btw, so please KUTGW ;)
  2. That GK really does look the real deal. Do you think you'll have any issues hanging on to him if he turns out to be a world beater? On an unrelated note, it was pretty tight at the top - 4 point covering the top places in the league!
  3. Good to see you kicking this off again - this is always my favourite career thread
  4. Really enjoy this thread, so please keep up the good work I couldn't help noticing on your season summary screenshot how dominant Man City have been - they've won the league for the last 8 seasons!
  5. Yay, this thread is back - good to see the kids are back in action! Let's hope you get a few defenders next time around
  6. Good to see you doing so well with this team. KUTGW! I've got a soft spot for Ashford as I have been at more Ashford games than any other club, including the one I support. Used to get down there pretty regularly from the mid 80s until 2007 when my parents moved away from the area - I used to go with my Dad pretty much any time I was at my parents during the season.
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