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  1. A little bit confused about this contract clause. It says "Will become a regular starter when there is room in the team" and then gives a drop-down menu of my players. If I select, say, Jung Jun-Seok - the player in the screenshot - does that mean the player I'm signing (Moise Kean) expects to be in the team when Jun-Seok isn't playing? What if I select a player in the drop down who doesn't play regularly? It's all a bit confusing.
  2. In my current save, I sold a player for £1.3m. I keep 100% of transfer income and after the transfer was made I had £1.3m in the transfer budget. I subsequently bought a player for £200k (no massive sign-on fees) and the fund dropped to £500k. There are no pending transfers and no messages to say board has taken a chunk of the money or anything else. Is this a known bug?
  3. Yep, I think playmaker in a midfield three is the perfect place to accommodate one slow player. Will check out Rooney.
  4. I suspect we've all had favourite players we've kept for longer than we should have, when their legs - and especially their pace - starts to go. But what positions do you reckon you can get away with a slower player in? My list would be: CM (playing as a deep-lying playmaker) AMC (playing in an advanced playmaker) CB (If providing cover, but probably only in the lower leagues) ST (if played as a target man alongside a nippy striker)
  5. I played a lot of FM20 on Stadia and the experience was very good. Shame you can’t crossplay with PC/Mac, though.
  6. Yep, same problem here. Sending invites worked once or twice, but nothing happening now. Really frustrating. Please sort SI.
  7. Yes, 100 times yes. My mate suddenly can't find the game we've been playing for months.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but one thing I've only just noticed on Stadia is that tactical briefings don't seem to appear in the newsfeed. I play on Mac as well and they appear there. I have made sure I'm assigned to tactical briefings in responsibilities.
  9. Hi, I’m one of the 12 people who bought FM2020 on Stadia and I’ve been very pleased with it so far, but today I went to set up a Fantasy Draft with my mates and they couldn’t see my game, nor could I see theirs. I presume the Stadia version of FM2020 doesn’t offer crossplay? If not, does anyone know why? Before I buy the game (again!) for Mac, can I check you can crossplay Fantasy Draft between Mac/PC? Thanks
  10. Don't like to pile in, but the wait for the update is getting ridiculous. Pretty sure it's Google not SI to blame, but this is making me seriously consider whether Stadia is the right platform for FM in future.
  11. According to the FM game file info, we have access to 127 processor threads on Stadia!
  12. Some people were asking about speeds/database sizes after I posted my review yesterday. So... If you start a game in England with every recommended league (9 nations) and a large database (41k players) you get a 4 star estimated game speed rating on Stadia. If you select every league in Europe and large database (90k players) it's a 1.5 star rating. If you select every league in the world and a large database (149k) players, it's 0.5 stars. I've started running a game with every league in the world and put myself on holiday.for a season. It's been running for half an hour a
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