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  1. Job well done guys. Fb and winger marking looks much improved, as is the weight of the passes. Seeing appropriate runs by forwards as well. Most importantly, my gk did not do something so insanely stupid as to want me to have him Baker Acted and thrown in an asylum over 12 game sample. Thank you
  2. I think the fan boys should remove the tainted glasses. To say there is not obvious flaws w/ every patch that has come out so far is folly. Its just a very inconsistent ME. One thing I may point out, if I may, but the moderators here should only be traffic cops to keep the postings on subject,. Too often, I read berating and belittling posts from mods to those who are critical in any way shape or form. We all are passionate about this game, but to hear tactics, tactics, tactics is just getting old.
  3. Here's my non-ME feed back: Absolute worst online FM experience ever designed / created by SI. Removing the Direct IP connect feature in lieu of Steam match making really destroyed this game. Almost 2 months and I can STILL NOT play an online game with my brother, despite all these "Troubleshooting" tips. I have bought the FM series faithfully since 07, and 2 years of FML as well (which is sorely missed btw) and I will NEVER purchase an SI product again if there is no solution so. Beyond ridiculous. To protect your intellectual property is one thing, to do it at the expense of your your core returning customers is a slap in the face. Surely there was a way to have Steam authenticate the game while still enabling purchasers to have direct IP connect capability. But alas, I know this isnt going anywhere, and will fall on deaf ears...rant over.
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