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  1. Great achievement, board have been awful there. Gallina looks like he'll be an absolute bargain. Your Morilla price isn't unusual, I got him for £85k in my save.
  2. Silva is coming along great for you, this is him in 2027 for me: 43 goals in 48 appearances in his first season here, he didn't get consistent game time until 2023 is this save so I imagine he could be even better for you. Loving your save!
  3. Definitely worth a shot Although I'm not sure if the AI treats your bid differently to other teams
  4. £74m is more like it. I find clubs tend to accept bids somewhere just north of the halfway point in the Estimated Cost, wouldn't be surprised if there was a bid over £80m
  5. That Xabier sell-on clause is gonna make you a fortune one day soon great read mate
  6. That's good, hopefully leads to a star coming through soon!
  7. Any sign of being able to up the youth recruitment? Seems to be what's holding the potential of the youth intake back and is one of the biggest challenges of playing in a small country
  8. This fixed the problem for me: Right Click on your desktop and select 'Nvidia Control Panel' Click 'Manage 3D settings' Select 'Program Settings' and via the dropdown box for 'Select a program to customise' select 'Football Manager 2019' Select 'Power Management Mode' If the default setting is 'Optimal Power', now select 'Prefer Maximum Performance' Select 'Apply'
  9. IF Gnistan 2017 Season Media Prediction: 7th Final Position: 2nd (promoted via promotion playoff) Started strong, form dipped in the middle of the year but finished off strong, only 3 points behind champions TPS. Drew PS Kemi in the promotion playoff, we were heavy favourites so stuck with the tactic that had been serving us well in the previous few games for the first leg, turned out to be a huge mistake as we lost 6-4 in a crazy game. Changed things around in the second leg, playing a basic 4-4-2 to give my talented back-up striker a chance. Turned out to be a great decision as we won 3-0 after 120 minutes securing promotion at the first time of asking. A brilliant achievement but going to find it extremely difficult to stay up. If we are as lucky with injuries as we were this season we might have a chance. Finnish Cup - 2nd Round (lost 2-0 to IFK Mariehamn) Performed well in the group stage, including a great 0-0 draw away to eventual winners HJK. Mariehamn totally outclassed us in the next round and deservedly went through. Best Players 3rd - Biran Jeng: Our best defender with a knack for scoring important goals. 2nd - Joonas Kauti: Chipped in with a good few assists and won the league's Player of the Year award for his efforts. 1st - Aleksander Akbar: Goal machine. Played him up front by himself but may change that after seeing the 4-4-2's success. Youth Intake No one who's going to come in and contribute straight away but definitely some potential. Risto Syväjärvi, Jarno Peltonen and Ville Järvinen are the pick of the bunch. Finances A shambles. Hopefully TV money from the top league and increased attendances will help us but currently we're leaking about £25,000 a month. Transfers Disappointed to lose both Zine and Hopsu, but both were unhappy at the lack of first-team football and was better to let them go than to have them bringing team morale down. Aims for Next Season Simple enough, do everything we can to stay up. I'm not very hopeful but at least our finances should improve next year due promotion. Season League Position Notes 2016/17 Finnish First Division 2nd Promoted via playoffs
  10. Is Imgur the best way to host images? Just doing my first season update here and unsure.
  11. Couldn't find a squad big enough in Belarus so ended up with Gnistan of Finland instead.
  12. Hoping to start in Belarus when I find time between work and sleep, but anyway the reset date is the 14th February 2017 there.
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