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  1. ahh, okay. I can't load this database with any other then. Damn.
  2. I'm having problems loading this one. The error given: U*BET FA Trophy - Too many teams (14) requested from Bank of Valleta Second Division(8) EDIT: when running the Malta file alone its doing fine, but as soon as I try loading another database it gives the error.
  3. Greenland should be added to that list? . It's non-fifa, because they're playing on dirt fields and that's not allowed. Kind of sad actually.. lol But, they do have a tournament and the information should be available online somewhere.
  4. Playing in the Andorran 2. Division, when I found this player - Ahmed Saïd - who was playing in a French club. He joined me right away but missed the first match of the season, because of international games. He then returned and got a 10'er in the first match, scoring 5 in a 7-0 victory. He's been very consistent from that point and is currently club and league topscorer with 25 goals in 10 games (2,5 pr game!). He's also my best rated player with a rating of 8,87 in the league!
  5. Don't forget to add the Laudrup brothers - Michael and Brian. Their father were also a professional Danish player - Finn Laudrup. Michael's two sons (Andreas & Mads) are both professionals, playing for teams in the best tier in Denmark. Brian's son (Nicolai) is also a professional.
  6. Both are old stations and the clubs decided to built new ones. Vejle BK used to play at Gl. Vejle Stadion, but is now playing at Ny Vejle Stadion - Placed right next to the old one. FC Midtjylland used to play at Ikast Stadion, but are now using SAS Arena. The same goes for Gl. Fredericia Stadion, with a capacity of 10.000 - FC Fredericia wanted a new stadion and the old one is now unused.
  7. Gl. Vejle Stadion - 15.000 Ikast Stadion - 15.000 They're both unused. We've got Frederikshavn Stadion here in Denmark. The team (Frederikshavns forenede Idrætsklubber) is currently playing in Danmarksserien (inactive in FM) and the station capacity is 10.000
  8. I'm currently playing with this crazy tactic: Using it in my career save and it's actually managing alright. I'm having a lot of fun, even though I'm loosing a lot.. lol
  9. Impressive. A win against Slovakia. Ohh, and a good job qualifying over Norway
  10. Mind deleting this? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/274411-Taking-on-the-unknown Couldn't get a job :/
  11. So, I'm managing Willaston and at a pre-match press conference I was asked who I though would win the league. We are 5 matches from ending the season and my team have already won the league, as seen here: My answer to the question was "Willaston". I then finished the press conference, just to see this: They are reacting bad, because I said we would win something we've already won? .. Gaah, I don't get my team
  12. I guess I'll have to invent some kind of time travel machine?
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