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  1. Thanks. Yeah the run certainly did help my chances a little I didnt realize that as winners of the league i would be entered into the Division 2 Super Cup. Basically the winners from the 3 Division 2 leagues are entered into it and they play each other once in a mini league format. Even though i was unprepared for it and looking forward to a nice long holiday. I still managed to win it. So more silverware into the trophy cabinet Super Cup
  2. Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio End Of Season Update 2011/12 The season ended with us being crowned champions. With 79 points. 7 clear of 2nd place. After my unbeaten run came to end in Feb. I lost another 2 games in the run in to the end of the season. Final League Table Position Graph Results Part.1 Results Part.2 Squad Squad & Squad Stats As i said before the season i kicked off i was extremely happy with my squad and the amount of cover in all positions. The only position that lacked any quality was my GK. But i ended up bringing in a young GK from my parent club Lazio. I was pretty lucky with injuries, so alot of my back up players didnt have many games to impress me. Transfers I brought in a total of 26 players. With not a penny spent. All were brought in before the 1st transfer window closed. When the window opened again, there was nobody that would improve my squad, so didnt bother bringing in anyone else. Finances Finances We are 38k down on the total season and 13k in the red at the end of the season. So not to bad. We are just about £900 over our wage budget, so def manageable. We still have our 10k transfer kitty available, which if im honest im not surprised it. As there was so many quality frees available. My Player(s) Of The Season Antonio Di Salvo Mine and the supporters player of the season. The 32 year old bagged 27 goals in a total of 35 league and cup games. He did have a canny knack of picking up yellow cards though. A total of 10 in all competitions. Strange considering his aggression is about average. Ivan Franceschini My veteran center back (35 years old). He scored 8 goals in all competitions and got an average rating of 7.29. As with a few of my players he is on the radar of bigger clubs. Eder Bau An inside forward who can play on both the right and the left. When i brought him to the club at the start of the season i planned on him being a back up player. But an injury to my 1st choice inside forward meant he got a chance in the 1st team and he never looked back. 10 goals and 9 assistants in all competitions. Under-perfomer Of The Season I cant really pick any of the squad for this. If i had to though i would go for Cocito I expected this guy to dominate league with his physical presence. Maybe i was expecting to much from the 34 year old. But still an average rating of 6.94 isnt bad. Aims For Next Season It would have to be survival. But i think if i can keep my current squad together and get a few more quality signings in maybe i could achieve greater things. Problem is as well. My squad is pretty old, so im going to have to look for replacements sooner or later. Competitions Entered Italian Lega Pro Seconda Divisione Girone C (Italian 4th Div) - 1st (Champions) Coppa Italia Lega Pro - Lost in the 1st Round Career Year | Club |Country | Division | POS | Achievements 2010/11 | Blackburn RSA |South Africa | NFD Cosatal League (2nd Div) | 3rd | None 2011/12 | Castel San Pietro Terme |Italy | Seconda Divisione Girone C | 1st | League Champions
  3. [FM11] We're just a village in Leeds!

    Good luck I had a great save with Farsley in last years FM. Think i got them to league 1, before the save became corrupted. What position are you in the league?
  4. [FM11] The Glory Years

    Good luck in the U.S. The way they do the draft confuses the hell out of me, so it should be an interesting read.
  5. Yeah, the run could have come to end in any game that month. We wernt playing well at all and scraping wins or draws. So it was always going to happen. Im top of the league with 6 games to go. 10 points clear of 2nd. So unless i mess up massively i should be champions soon
  6. Thanks Deisler. There 8th in the Second Division A. 4 points off the play offs with 8 games to go. Last season they were relegated from the Prima Div in 16th place.
  7. My unbeaten run in the league has finally come to end after 23 games. Looking on the bright side it might not have be such a bad thing, as my Ass manager kept reporting that some of my players were looking over confident before a game. Result
  8. [FM11] The Glory Years

    Back to where it all started for you. Good luck ToMexico
  9. Thanks. Gela were tipped to come 4th. So not to far off at the minute.
  10. [FM11] Way of the Dragon

    Another great season Raware. Well done
  11. Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio Mid Season Update 2011/12 I thought i would do a quick mid season update as we head in to the winter break. We sit nicely in 1st place 9 points clear of second place. We are are currently on a 18 match unbeaten run in the league. The run looked like it was going to come to an end 3 games ago but with a minute to go of normal time we equalized with a deflected shot from the edge of the area to make it 1 all and keep our run going. Our defensive record has been excellent so far, only conceding 9 goals in 18 games Results. I think the thing that is helping us do so well is that my squad is so much more experienced than other teams in the league. My squads average is 26, where as the whole of the leagues average is 24. Player Of The Season So Far It has to be my striker. Antonio Di Salvo Hes has scored 19 goals in 22 appearances. Not bad for 32 year old free transfer As i said before the start of the season i would be disappointed if i didnt finish in the play offs. Well I look well on course for that and hopefully i can keep my form going and finish the season as champions.
  12. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Ahhh..I thought i was missing something. Thanks Flamers
  13. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    How do i edit the title of my thread? Sorry for being dumb
  14. The next job offer was from Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio who play their football in the lowest league of Italian Football (Lega Pro Seconda Divisione Girone C). As i havent managed in Italy since the Championship Manager days i thought id give it a go. I was offered £525 a week salary. The board offered me: Transfer Budget: 10k Wage Budget: 8k Current Wage Budget: 2.1k Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio Information & History Full name Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio Nickname(s) N/A Founded 1932 Ground Stadio Comunale Capicity 28000 League Italian Lega Pro Seconda Divisione Girone C (Italian 4th Div) Home colours: Red socks, shorts and shirt Away colours : White socks, shorts and shirt Castel San Pietro Terme Calcio is an Italian association football club, based in Castel San Pietro Terme a province of Bologna They now play in Serie C. The club was founded in 1932. Castel San Pietro played 2010/2011 season in Serie D winning promotion to Serie C. Facilities Finances First Impressions Of The Squad Well pretty much the same situation as my last club. The club had just been promoted from a non-playable league so all the players where made up and again all with very poor stats. So same as at Blackburn RSA. I had to build my squad up from scratch. I spent alot of time looking for players. Hence why no update to the thread for a few days. Before my 1st competive game of the season i had brought in 25 new players. 22 on free transfers and 3 on loan from my parent club Lazio. I couldnt believe it when Lazio where offered to be one of my parent clubs Transfers Part 1 Transfers Part 2 My Squad after my transfers. I have cover in pretty much all areas. Im still short of a 1st team G/K. I cant find a decent one for love nor money. Overall im extremely happy with the quality of players ive brought in. Most if not all played at a higher level the previous season. Best Players Alessandro Tuia & Luis Pedro Cavanda 2 of my loans from Lazio. They should be more than enough quality for the league. Cocito My Brazilian/Italian DM. Excellent stats. The guy looks like an animal. Raffaele Longo Im planning on playing him as my playmaker. What he lacks in physical attributes he more than makes up with his technical and mental attributes. Hot Prospects None. Not surprising really considering we have just been promoted and our poor facilities. Aims For The Season The media have tipped us to come 2nd bottom. But with the players i have brought in i would be disappointed if i didnt finish in a play off place. Optimistic. We will see
  15. I wouldnt have minded staying in Africa. But it looks highly unlikely that will happen as ive had no job offers at all from any clubs there. So far ive had a couple of offers from clubs in England. Farnborough & Havant and Waterlooville but rejected both of them. I dont fancy managing in England just yet. I'll happily try anywhere else though