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  1. Is it just my imagination or was there a subforum for android bugs before? Anyway, I just lost my save game. Whole phone froze up when I tried to exit the game, had to restart, then save game file had disappeared. This was the second time the game froze while exiting, but first time didn't wipe the game. Not sure if it's my phone's fault or the app's fault. It's samsung galaxy S2.
  2. Hello Apple and Android owners! Firstly, loving that FMH is now on Android, and enjoying the gameplay so far! Secondly: I have a dream! This dream would see an old divide between Apple and Android healed one helpful comment at a time. I envisage iOS users, previously perceived as elitist and womanly, lending a helping hand to the new handheld barbarians of the android generation. In plain English - Based on your experiences, what are the differences between the handheld and full version, ranging from significant and having impact to minute and quirky. Some examples of what I've found after reading this forum and playing for awhile: Maximum of 30 seasons Regens take on attribute templates from retired players Highlights are sparse and short. Useful info needs to be extracted from stats. No hiring of backroom staff - set automatically in line with clubs reputation/facilities. Some attributes have been combined to save screen space Only one country is playable per game That's the main things that stuck out to me. Please add your own, and feel free to correct anything I've said. Cheers!
  3. Made my day to see you started this again Kip! Will be interesting to see if the Bandits' inevitable success keeps their crap manager in the job, or if their smart chairman will upgrade ASAP. Also keen to see how the starlets nationality affects where they move to.
  4. The Joy of Stats

    Main thing that I'd like is a way to track the progress of my player's stats over his time at the club. I currently do this by taking screenshots, but it's a bit tedious and sometimes you forget a year. Something similar for player from other teams you want to track would be good to. If you could save something like a screenshot in-game in the notes section that would be useful.
  5. Can't remember if I've previously posted, but this is by far my favorite thread on these forums and I've had it bookmarked for ages so I'm delighted to see kip's back! With regards to the nationalities I'd love to divide the starlets up into groups and put them each into small nations to see how much they impact them. Maybe groups of 2-3 divided between 10 countries? In order to get around the EU thing, give them English as a second nationality, but have them already declared for the small nation. Or even give them 1 cap each. Summary: Option (j) and welcome back!
  6. Name: Ray Keane Nickname: Nationality/Second Nationality (optional): Irish D.O.B: 4-3-1996 Place Of Birth: Cork Height: 170 Weight: 75 Foot: 20 right, 10 left Preferred Position: DMC Secondary Position: MC 2 Technical Attributes at 16:Marking, tackling 2 Technical Attributes at 15: Passing, Long Shots 2 Technical Attributes at 14: First touch, technique 2 Mental Attributes at 16: Work Rate, Determination 2 Mental Attributes at 15: Decisions, Bravery 2 Mental Attributes at 14: Team Work, Positioning 1 Physical Attribute at 16: Stamina 1 Physical Attribute at 15: Strength 1 Physical Attribute at 14: Jumping Player Preferred Moves (Pick 3): Comes Deep To Get Ball Dives Into Tackles Marks Opponents tightly Retire at end of contract? OR Future Transfer after 20 years? Transfer to celtic
  7. I'm 23, just finished my final year of uni, and haven't played since Christmas due to projects and the likes. Now planning to start work in the next few months, and don't think I'll be playing then either. However it's not due to any sort of "better life" crap, as soon as I save up enough to replace the laptop that died at christmas FM2012 will be full steam ahead!!
  8. Have been following the thread for awhile, well written and a great story! Well done. However I also have some self-interest in this post. I'm curious to see your results but I think you've linked the finance screen instead. Also, KUTGW!
  9. Name: Shane Bigimus DOB: 4th March Nation: Irish (Second nationality English if possible) Height: 198cm Weight: 80kg Left/Right foot: Right Position: DM/MC 1 Technical Att: Passing 1 Physical Att: Strength 1 Mental Att: Work Rate Pick 2 Player Personalities(Ambitious for example): Determined, Professional
  10. Do you understand training on FM?

    I'd like to know how you achieve this. Lowering the overall intensity? Upping the intensity? Switching time spent on mental traits to physical/technique? Ensuring rest days? Give us a hint!
  11. Having trouble finding these files. Closest I've come is C: > Documents and Settings > MyName > Application Data > Sports Interactive. No sign of any roaming or local folders....Am I missing something?
  12. PC Setup - Just FM

    Wow. Thanks! It would be typically me to have laboriously went through a long OS change without checking to make sure FM works.
  13. PC Setup - Just FM

    Considering this alright, but have never done anything like that before. Currently weighing up whether I would torrent XP (no idea where the disc is!) or try and give linux a go.
  14. PC Setup - Just FM

    Was hoping to get by without having to modify the hardware (budget constraints). I do use gamebooster, which helps a bit. Probably should have mentioned that originally, so I edited it into top post..
  15. Hi all, regular lurker, infrequent poster here. I come in search of knowledge, and sexual favours. However I will settle for just the former 'cause I'm a nice guy. My goal - To set up my old laptop to run only FM2010 (possibly 2011/12 in the future if possible). Edit: Without spending any cash. I have an old laptop that I replaced with a netbook as the screen is practically off its hinges. I use it only to play FM 2010, but it has gotten very slow of late. I was wondering what I could do to maximise the speed at which FM will play, and thought this would be the best place to ask. The specs are as follows (I don't understand these, so if there's anything else I should add please let me know): It's a dell inspiron 6400 Windows XP T2130 @ 1.86GHz 791MHz, 1.99GB of RAM Any tips on what I could do to achieve my dream (sort of) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Edit: Also using gamebooster. Helps a bit. Seems to be a correlation between slow speed and "CPU" (dont know what this stands for) running at 100%. I suppose this is what I need to improve on?