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  1. What are your bargain buys

    Lucas Ocampos, 1m € wonder what Monaco was thinking...
  2. Weirdest Nationalities of players

    Weirdest I have in my current team is Latvia and Iraq. Not THAT weird compared to what other people have been getting in this topic xD
  3. An Englishman Abroad

    In 2020, quite a few, actually John Stones (playing for Atalanta) Cauley Woodrow (playing for Freiburg) Wilfried Zaha (playing for Olympique Lyonais) Raheem Sterling (playing for PSG) Steven Caulker (playing for PSG) manager is Michael Laudrup, too.
  4. MLS on MAC

    THank you
  5. MLS on MAC

    I would like knowing the same. Didn't see anyting on the fixlist...
  6. Eer? No, no, no. It's perfectly possible to do an ESTIMATION. they just choose not to give it. Pretty common on IT. Of course, estimations can, and sometiles, DO fail.
  7. You'll be better served in the technical help board
  8. SI never gives estimations on patch dates, and there' no way to revert to a prevous version.
  9. SHould they add a "sign player for free" button, then? THose limits are pretty logical for a simulation game.
  10. Repeat Offender!

    Not always, but when the proper level, I always try to get Mika Varynen
  11. Importing FM 2011 Saved Games

    No. quick answer