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  1. I know, I'm playing FM 17, didn't get 18 this year. I didn't want to "spam" that thread with FM17 content.
  2. Never had a save with Bilbao, I think I'm ready for one.
  3. I wouldn't say I had the easiest start to the season but somehow I managed to get lucky and score pretty late vs Bayern and Mainz and then after the 2 games vs Hertha and RBL the team just gelled and continued to steamroll until the games vs Dortmund and then Mainz (where they scored 4 goals in like 15 minutes). Also I lost the finals of German Cup even tho I was up 3:1 at half time against Bayern. Even with all that succes I still "only" got 20m for transfers but only bought Malang Sarr from Nice for 11m. Cordoba was a beast and ended up with 49 goals overall, 34
  4. I decided to fire up FM 17, because I didn't buy 18 this year and started a new save with transfer updates with Cologne (Koln), I only got, Meireles and Trochowski on free and loaned Shani Tarashaj (Everton) until January when I bought Lautaro Martinez (6.5m), Ajer (5m), Ezequiel Barco (9.25m) and loaned Vlasic (Everton). I still have a game vs Bayern in the German Cup Final.
  5. Anyone else noticed players getting subbed off to early? I bought Aliban Ajeti from Basel (playing as Liverpool) and sent him on loan to MK Dons and every time I get a report I see him getting subbed off at like 30th minute or something like that. He didn't get injured or anything else, they just sub him off. To be fair he only played 2 games for them but got subbed off in before 40 minutes in both.
  6. Have a new stadium building, expected to get done at 15.01.2021 and it's gonna be 26000 seats.
  7. Contracts are always like that. My favorite is when I offer some let's say X player who's on a 10k p/w wage and he wants 80k p/w at my club and I cancel the deal, next week he goes to some other club for like 20k p/w.
  8. well that would be me, giant red text and i miss it, great.
  9. Does anyone have these? I know there are a lot of megapacks of logos but I only need Brazilian or to be specific I need a logo for Red Bull Brasil if anyone has them. If you have them, complete pack of brazilian lower leagues or just Red Bull one I would be grateful if you can upload them.
  10. I ended one game with 8 players after my GK got injured I had to place my LB at goal, he got the 2nd yellow, placed my DM on goal, he also got the 2nd yellow. Also what is this? Valued at 20k and they ask for 7m for him, and that's not the first time. I had a save with HSV and in my third season and Passlack from Dortmund was also TL by his own request and valued at 2.5m and they asked 40m for him.
  11. so i decided to take over napoli and then real made me an offer for jorginho, lmao. he's on 350k p/w.
  12. after tottenham knocked me out of EL, everything clicked in league, had a 13 game wining streak that ended up against Leverkuzen (4:2) in the last game of the season. Ancelotti has been sacked at Real, considering applying.
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