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  1. The Grand Tour from A-Z - I can't do club monogamy!

    Seeing this thread is the best Christmas present, good luck Makoto
  2. Jets win the treble and the Mariners collapse to let the Wanderers past them for the final spot in the final, that sounds like my worst nightmare. Brilliant work so far Makoto, with the people joining you in this challenge and the interest have you ever thought about posting this challenge in the challenges forum?
  3. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    Congratulations Marky Mark! Truly sensational achievement.
  4. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    I am still doing this challenge, just haven't been updating. In my 7th season still only up to level 9, keep fading at the end of the season into midtable obscurity.
  5. Australian State Leagues

    I suggest talking to Super Bladesman about setting up sub divisions, he's got it pretty much spot on in the level 10 english game he set up
  6. Australian State Leagues

    I know a few NSW super league referees Ryan Morgan Ashley Medway Chris Wells Chris Peck Nathan Peach
  7. Australian State Leagues

    Name Sports Force Interactive Type of media (newspaper, website etc.) Website When is published (weekly, weekday morning) Weekly Names of any journalists too many Area Of coverage All of Australia
  8. Australian State Leagues

    I work for an Australian media organisation called Sports Force Interactive
  9. Australian State Leagues

    I've been able to start a game now, don't know what the problem was as I didn't change anything.
  10. Australian State Leagues

    I keep getting crash dumps with 2.3 when it is loading a new game, any ideas why?
  11. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    Season Update 2011/12- Combined Counties League Division One Farleigh Rovers 2009/10- 19th CCL1 2010/11- 7th CCL1 2011/12- 1st CCL1 By far the most enjoyable season I have ever had on FM, just proves how worthwhile this challenge is. After last season I felt we needed to really push for the promotion places and we more than succeeded in doing so. A solid run to the semis in the Combined Counties Premier Cup meant the bank balance hit the black for the first time in my career. In the end it was, in my opinion quite fitting, our Captain Elliot Soar who scored the goal to send us up in the second last game of the season. Players Top Scorer- Mike Preston (13) Top Assist- Nick Cooper (9) Player Rating- Danny Remnant (7.15) Fans POTY- Victor Manuel Arias My POTY- Elliot Soar Its probably worth noting that I won manager of the year, somehow none of my players were even nominated for the leagues player of the year. Next years goal is purely to stay up and keep all my players as i have managed to do this year (edit: just lost my top scorer).
  12. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    dw mate, I do as well. Despite my insanely good midfield and the defense/strikers overperforming, I'm in a 6 way battle for the title with 10 games to play
  13. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    He has a knack for popping up late in games and slamming home rebounds to win us the match, reminds me abit of Tim Cahill at times
  14. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    FM10- Farleigh Rovers Season 2010/11 - Combined Counties League Division One 2009/10: CCLD1 - 19th Firs thing is my profile i guess http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/7403/myselfy.jpg. After an immense failure in my first season, which at one point saw me get the dreaded vote of confidence this season was spectacular in comparison. The bonus of having a poor first season was the board just wanted us to learn from the experience in all competitions and boy did we learn. Aided by some amazing youth prospects in midfield (an area I was already quite strong in) and a quality left back we started to look like a decent team. The lack of a quality striker is a big problem with my 16 year old Welsh lad a greyed out player such was the lack of depth up front. I felt mid-table was a reasonable ambition but after 15 rounds, we were top. However, I learnt a lesson, do not dream of success in this challenge and we quickly went on a run of 7 games without a win. However after a mid to late season revival we were back in 2nd with 5 games to play but our challenge was swiftly crushed with just 2 points achieved to round the season out in a rather disappointing 7th. Table: http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/3646/2011table.jpg Top Scorer: Peter Price (10) Top Assists: Andy Green (8) Top Ratings: Danny Remnant (7.18) Fans Player of the Year: Danny Remnant (would have been second to Nick Cooper if I had my way) The Players who help us tick: Peter Price- http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/676/peterprice.jpg Danny Remnant- http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/6963/dannyremnant.jpg Elliot Soar- http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/6513/elliotsoar.jpg Nick Cooper- http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/372/nickcooper.jpg Mathew Morse- http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/4056/mathewmorse.jpg Transfers: (showing I'm not cheating) 09/10- http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/5296/transfers10.jpg 10/11- http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/5118/transfers11.jpg New youth: Do not inspire me enough to show them unfortunately.
  15. The FM 'Give Youth A Chance' Challenge

    Took up this challenge with Farleigh Rovers in the Combined Counties League Division One. Currently halfway through my second season after finishing 19th last season things started brightly as I lead the league through 15 matches (Mainly due to some immensely good youthies in midfield). However I made the great mistake of dreaming of success in this challenge and the rot has kicked in slipping to 5th. Will do a bunch of screenshots once I complete this season.