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  1. i like it and i think that SI SHOULD blindly copy it... if they can. prozone is software used by managers in real life to analyze player stats. if i'm not mistaken they have some licensing agreement with the *other* company. so great idea, but they may not be able to do it, not exactly anyway. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Finally , someone who reckons this =) Something like that (there ought to be other companies who deliver that kind of analysis , i dont ProZone has a monopoly) combined with an improved FM match-engine = dream come true.
  2. I'll repeat is cause it can't say this enough: Give us an in-depth match analyser SI! That would be awesome-o!
  3. I'm sorry If it isn't appropriate because i know it's 'not don' to discuss the competition but i just found this out and i had to share. http://www.championshipmanager.co.uk/prozone.php The ProZone analysis looks wicked and is the only thing , imo , that FM is lacking. I love FM and i followed them since cm4 i guess but when 'the other guys' implement a good idea you just have to acknowledge. It looks great and could be the answer to the tactical difficulties most of us are facing. I'm not saying that SI should blindly copy this feature but a good feedback-system on tactics is much needed. Anyway , now bash me if you want.
  4. A better transfer in/out system would be nice. *When you qualify for Europe , it should be easier to attract players. Especially the better players from weaker clubs. They should put more pressure on their club to sell them , because they would like to join your club who plays in Europe. Especially the Champions League should have a big appeal.
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