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  1. Hi guys, Having been on holiday until yesterday, I wasn't in a position to get the beta version, but now am raring to go and excited! Does anyone know off the top of their heads the cheapest place for an instant download version? Cheers Guys
  2. Has anyone else noticed much of a problem with high-profile, international players fading really fast and ending up without a club and in lower leagues? In my current game, I'm in 2019 and have already noticed Adam Lallana spending 1 year without a club at 30, then me signing him for Charlton at the bottom of the Prem only to keep getting told by my AssMan that he's not good enough, Michael Dawson playing for a League 1 team, Daniel Sturridge going 2 seasons without playing a game for Liverpool and being loaned to various championship teams, Wayne Rooney being released by Man Utd at 32 and ending up at Rangers after about 6 months with no club, lots of players going to USA at 32 or so (Carrick, Barry, Milner, Downing, Forster, Jagielka), David Luiz playing for Blackburn in the Championship, Paulinho playing about 20 games in 4 years at Spurs, and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, I know there will always be odd examples (Ivan Campo at Bolton!) but it just seems that a lot of highly talented international players end up not playing at all, being released or playing for lower league teams. Does anyone else have any views or opinions on this?
  3. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, I've done some searching and can't find it put in the way I've worded it? Anyway, I know I'm not going to get a specific answer or unlock any hidden algorithms or anything, but: What I was wondering was whether or not the CA (and PA to some extent) affects how effective a player's attribute is. So for example, will a Player in League 2 who has a crossing ability of 18, provide a better ball in from the wing than Aaron Lennon who has a crossing rating of 13? Or does their CA also come into it? The reason I ask is that in the past I've tended to always get an AssMan with a good judge of CA, and have focussed team selections on the AssMans star ratings above everything else, but in FM 14 I've been studying player attributes more, and tried picking players that have better attributes for the position whether the AssMan suggests them or not. This has ended up with a couple of players with low star ratings, performing head and shoulders above other players, but despite getting a better average rating than other players I still get advice in Backroom Meetings to replace them with other players?! Just wondering what others experiences are really?
  4. Tactics is greyed out so can't select it. I'd already picked my penalty takers order and confirmed that, then the button disappeared. Anyway, I had only played 2 matches tonight, so quit and restarting. Just hoping to god that I can get the same result!
  5. Tactics is greyed out so can't select it. I'd already picked my penalty takers order and confirmed that, then the button disappeared. Anyway, I had only played 2 matches tonight, so quit and restarting. Just hoping to god that I can get the same result!
  6. No, when I go to a non-match screen then press the Match! button in the top right, it just goes back to the overview screen with no continue button. Tried space, F5, allsorts but no luck.
  7. Is there any update on this? It's just happened to me in the quarter finals of the JPT with Pompey. Finished 0-0 and went to pens, but in the 90th min I tried to make a sub and bring on a better penalty taker, but the game finished anyway and didn't make the sub, now I can't continue at all, tried every method above and nothing. Gutted now, if I have to quit and try again as I was chuffed with getting 0-0 at home to Leyton Orient!
  8. Yes, have also been waiting for it to drop and totally agree that £24.50 is about as good as it's going to get, in time for the Beta. Great stuff, cheers!
  9. That's the one!! Legend!! What a find, thanks. Nik_Dut - I appreciate your point about not everyone being as good in real life, but equally he was top notch LL player for at least 3 game running, and SI don't usually get it wrong for that long! Explains a lot if he's injured and retired, guess that takes him out of the DB for FM14 though
  10. Does anyone have any real life information on this guy? in every lower league game I have played, he has been an absolute legend, stand out player without a doubt and I know this is the same for others, but in real life he hasn't even played for 4 years since playing in Ireland!!! I've even taken him to the championship with me before and he had done a decent job, but I haven't ever come across a player who has done so well for me and been widely recognised, that I know nothing about before!! Does anyone have any info on this cult hero? Surely if he really is this good, he could be doing a sterling job in the conference or league two?! Someone, somewhere, fill me in!
  11. Any news on this?? It was definitely said there would be another one, and having listened to every single one so far I feel like I'm missing out on the last in a series or something!! Would be nice to wrap up FM13 properly!
  12. Sorry, I mean the fact that when I'm in my squad list, instead of the background behind the player names all being the same colour, I've got people in the squad not having a background behind the name, people on the bench with a light grey background and people not in the squad with a darker grey background? Personally I find it harder to look at?
  13. Hi, have been searching for an answer for this but can't seem to find one. That probably means it's not possible but thought I'd ask anyway!! Is there any way to turn off the highlighting of players names in the squad list on FM13 when they are selected in the team? I'm sure some people like it, but I find it much harder to read it and see the different players when looking it it? Hoping there's a way of stopping it but can't find anything obvious!! Thanks
  14. Perfect response! Cheers guys. At the moment I do exactly that as I have it on my PC at work and PC at home, so just save it to Google Drive and it's there on both. However I was worried I couldn't do that when I got the Mac, but I can so happy days!!
  15. Hi there, I'm about to get a new iMac in my office, and currently play FM at home and at work. I'm presuming that I'll have to buy the Mac version of FM13 to work on the Mac, and have no problem with that, however will my save game from my PC be compatible with the Mac version, so I can continue with one game, or will I need to have a home game and a work game?!
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