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  1. 178 goals in 159 caps thats insane!!!!
  2. serge makofo on cm4, bought him for peanuts as a 15yr old and he went on to play for england and be the best left sided player in the world!
  3. Arteta for England

    the late great Ferenc Puskás played for both Hungary and Spain! so why shouldnt Carlton cole be allowed to play for Nigeria sometime in the future on a side note he scored 84 goals in 85 games for Hungary, how good is that!
  4. Lee Hughes

    he nearly signed for my local team Barnsley in the last ransfer window
  5. madness at Hednesford

    yes please upload
  6. Club & Country Manager?

    man city and columbia (but i wish i could manage san marino!)
  7. World Cup Sacking

    hahahahahahhahaha! oh wait i nearly forgot hahahahahahaha! lol
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    and I though being called neville neville was bad!
  9. What on earth does this mean?

    glenn stiemens is another! his personality says 'I dont believe it' and when I scouted him it said 'believes stiemens is in love with moaning. In fact you could say his ideal girlfriend would be the moaning lisa'
  10. Own goals

    im currently in my 4th season as man city and have only scored 1 own goal in those 4 seasons. Richard Dunne tends to score quite alot at the right end for me!
  11. I want my money back!

    [quote name=By the way' date=' don't think this one was mentioned. As a Toon fan this one sticks quite vividly in my memory: QUOTE] I already posted this video above! no worries! the peter enckleman one is much worse though!
  12. I want my money back!

    it does happen in real life im afraid mate anyone remember this?
  13. Personality = i dont believe it???

    just scouted him and this is what I found personality Graham Carr believes Stiemmens is in love with moaning. In fact you could say his ideal girlfriend would be the 'Moaning Lisa'
  14. Personality = i dont believe it???

    this made me lol!
  15. im sure in real life, about 10 years ago, ajax played the ajax 2nd team in the dutch cup final