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  1. It shows up, but without any of the changes, even when I select the file. I created the file name and then imported it, made the changes and then exported. It shows as a change, but when I load a dummy game, none of the changes are there.
  2. Hi All, I have made a couple of changes to the database, silly things like club rivalries and stadium information. But the changes aren't being read by the game, even when I save them as a data file. Not sure what I am doing wrong as I am using the same method I have always used on all previous versions of the game. I load the database, make my changes , then save as 'name the file', and exit. Once I load the game, it doesn't give me the option on the database. Any ideas?
  3. Just received my 2023 intake and guess what, my son, Paul Jerwood is in. Unfortunately, he's only showing as a 2 star prospect so I might have to do a Fergie and move him on down the line.
  4. I completely understand all replies above, my frustration isn’t with Bournemouth, it purely with the player. I would do the same as well, I just think the players need to be more reasonable when you have a chat with them. Believe it or not, I then had another chat with him and stayed that he could leave as long as the clause was met and he did a u-turn and agreed due to what the club has done for him. It’s this kind of erational behaviour which annoys me that’s all. Regarding Dulwich, they are my local team as I was born there, I’ve always had to add them to the CS, but this year I was buzzing as we gained promotion, so it’s been fun trying to get them up the leagues.
  5. My star 20 year old striker has a minimum fee release clause of £7.25m, I am currently in the Championship having taken Dulwich Hamlet up through the leagues. As you can imagine, money is tight and I am very much a selling club, I have built my team around youth and selling them on for a profit, hence I signed my striker from the Welsh Premiership on a compo package of £130k. I have blooded the striker through league one, where he scored 20+ goals and he is currently sitting on 12 halfway through our championship season, we are sitting pretty at 8th in the table. Bournemouth have just put an offer of £2.4m in which I have rejected and now the player is pissed, we chat and I explain that I will let him go if my valuation is met, which is his release clause and he throws his toys out of the pram and suggests that I am pricing him out of his dream move. What is the point of insisting on having the damn clause in there (which he wanted during the negotiations), if the player is just going to renegade on it because a bigger club comes calling? The actual release clause is for clubs in a higher division. I feel I am being really bloody reasonable as you still have 3 years on his contract. I think he’s probably closer to £15m due to the importance to the team. Apologise, rant over.
  6. I have managed to get Dulwich Hamlet to the Championship and one thing that I have noticed is that year on year, the club membership never changes, it always stays at £10k at the beginning of the season, this is also the same for an additional payment of £825, but I can’t remember what that’s for. I have a new stadium and also a significant increase in season ticket sales due to the increase in stature. My question is, if the season ticket sales are increasing, shouldn’t the club membership increase as a by product of that?
  7. I was in a similar position with my LLM save, the only way I overcame it, was to get promoted to the EPL. No mean feet I know, but I am now in my second season and on my second groundshare as the club is continually expanding the stadium, I now have a national reputation and all the money I could ever ask for. My real piece of advice would be is to upgrade your youth recruitment and training as much as possible, constantly ask, in the end it was costing me £1.2m a year to run but half of my team is made up of youth players I brought through from L2 that helped me get promoted and also I sold a couple, one for £6m+ which really helped to balance the books for an unlikely promotion push.
  8. Any idea how? All I’ve found so far is position and star rating. I know you could do it on fm17, but not managed it on the latest version. Unless I am being really dense, which is highly likely...
  9. I currently have two fantastic young forwards who will be my main choices for the season, what I need is a reliable third choice who is going to be happy to sit on the bench for a good chunk of the season and slot in when needed. My question is: how does one go about scouting for that? Would it be just to get the scouts to recommend 3 star players and hope one will be content to sit on the bench? any ideas welcome.
  10. It would be quite funny if he does go completely of the rails, gets hammered and smashes up the dressing room. I could have a 16 year old nutcase on my hands, annoying his team mates and causing all sorts of problems. That could be quite fun.
  11. I've just received my new youth intake and one of my midfielders has just been dubbed the new Paul Gascoigne!! Not sure if I should be elated or extremely scared...
  12. I’ve always found that a 4-4-2 works really well in the Conference National. I tend to use a standard/very fluid tactic and have my full backs on attack/support left and right, x2 central defenders in defence, DPL Def, CM Att, x2 wingers on support/attack left and right and then x2 forwards, DLF Support on the right and Advanced forward on the left. And then Just prevent short goal keeper going short. hope this helps.
  13. Is this purely based on there set of attributes? Or are there other factors at play? I currently have two CMs, one a 4 star DPL or a 3.5 star CM Att, the other is a 3.5 star DPL or a 3 star CM Att. The dilemma I have is who do I play as the DLP, I am thinking for balance, it has to be the 3.5 star player. Thoughts?
  14. I always ask to improve youth recruitment and junior coaching from when I start in the Conference South, getting decent newgens is a great way to stay in the black. I am always a selling club up until I reach the premier league. As an example, I’ve just sold my star midfielder for £6m plus sell on clause after he helped me to three promotions in three years, started him from 16 years old as he was already a Conference National standard player. Up to that point I was always flirting with the red. Now I can upgrade both training and youth grounds as well as expand the stadium a little. Got another couple in the pipeline as well if money gets tight. Never underestimate the power of your youth intake. hipe this helps.
  15. It's all good. I finally sold him to Huddersfield for £6m plus a 50% sell on clause. For a 18 year old, I think I got a bloody good deal. Fans think is a aberration, but the board are really happy. Luckily enough I have another current England u20 who is ready to step into his place. It's now the other one who is my star striker that I have to deal with, he has two years left on his contract so I am aiming for another £6m plus 50% sell on, or he is staying put. What makes it better is that I am currently siting 2nd in the Championship and Huddersfield are bottom of the Premiership.
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