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  1. League won with the first game after the split,, beat Killie 2-0 ,, but then the following day Celtic lost 4-1 away to Hearts , Job Done. Didn't even have to do the old editor or sugar daddy thing,, although might later on for fun if I start to get bored. Transfer budget has been slashed tho for next season. Only 3mil or 5mil if I adjust the wages,,,, money back from transfers also down to like 30%,, gues Dave King is just content now he has stopped 10IAR. Tbf its probably to be expected after what they gave me last season and we are expanding the stadium,, due to be finished in the summer,,, so guess that needs paid for, but should provided more funds in the long run.
  2. Just played celtic at theirs in the last game before the lg split. Won it 3-1 and am now 12 points clear at the top going into the last 5 games. Have only lost one game all season and currently on 90 points. Also in the semi of the cup. Looks like their 10 IAR dream is over lol
  3. Just played the 2nd OF at Ibrox and returned the favour and beat them 3-1. Thats us 7 points in front although they have a game in hand. I tried a few times towards the end of last season bringing on Dapo and a couple of starts in europe in last couple group games once qualified. Got to be honest he was fairly anonymous,, never really did anything. This season i decided to send out on loan to kilmarnock and he has 8 goals by December for them. His stats are rising as well,,, maybe just kind of player who meeds steady game time. As i play one up front I was never going to drop morelos ,, esp this season of all seasons lol. Im keeping eye on him tho. Was really disappointed with Rudden this year,,, tried him few times too and nothing, sent out on loan season 2 and was ineffective there too,,, shame was a beast in previous FMs
  4. Must have clicked on something without realising as it says he is joining in January but unable to play,, great 5 mil wasted . Will try again then but may have to loan him out,,, has over 21 caps for serbia now as well so no idea why he getting rejected. On another note tho,, the young Serb defender I picked up for a snip the season prior , Svetozar Markovic has just turned 20 this season and has become a Wonderkid,,cost about 2mil in season 2. That makes 3 wonderkids in the squad this season now, 3rd Season very tight so far,,, lost the first OF game away 3-0,,, but other than a draw with Killie and one with Hibs , full points from there on now in 17 games. Celtic have a game in hand and are 2 points behind me having had 3 draws against the other teams,,and our goal difference is more or less identical,,,, not much room for error this year
  5. That is who I have been trying to buy,,, he's at Roma in my save but wants to come,,, cant get a work permit tho. Have tried a few times, and have even got the board to agree on signing him only for the work permit to get in the way
  6. My only concern for this season is i let Alnwick leave and was going to just get another back up keeper. On deadline day i had offers and contracts accepted by Aberdeens joe lewis and some other European keeper,,, then at last min I got approached by agent of that young serb keeper at Roma that I really wanted, in a come get me plea. I knocked back the other 2 deals and went for it,, only for after bid and contract accepted for him to be refused a work permit. Now i only have one keeper and a couple of kids in U18s , even the reserve ones are out on loan lol. Might have to look at free agent if my main picks up injury. No reason as well why that keeper should get permit refused,,, has 11 caps for serbia and the young serb defender i got had only 3 caps
  7. How much did gravenberch cost you? I was tempted to go in for him too,,, but as my midfield was the area i really needed to improve i was worried about spending so much and then relying on a young kid
  8. Happened to me also. When Dave King told me that we had sold 40k+ season tickets for the year ahead I cheekily requested a stadium expansion ,, thinking he would tell me where to go. He has approved it,, and I had already talked him into upgrading the youth training facilities as well. A lot of my transfer deals are over 2 or 3 years too. Plus just after spending all I have ,, as the season started I got another msg off him saying due to an increased bank balance he is upping the money avail from transfers from 80% to 100%. Not sure where all this money is coming from,,, maybe its EBT's again lol. I have had in other saves before tho,,,where you get so far into building work then they run out of cash and put a stop to it,,, so guess we will have to wait and see.
  9. Well,, havent used the editor yet to bring in my fantasy sugar daddy rescue package lol. Finished 2nd season just 5 or 6 points behind celtic,,, had the better head to head just my squad wasn't enough to cope with the full season and injuries etc caught up with me and we dropped points to some of the others. Still got to the Quarter final of the Europa and only just went out to Dortmund to an injury time goal. Third season , (and the one that counts) with with 10 IAR to be stopped,,, some major changes to the squad,, a full overhaul. No prisoners taken this year,,, 10Mil transfer Budget and : OUT: Barisic - 24.5mil to Bournemouth Katic - 15Mil to Stoke Jamie Murphy - 1.3Mil to Aberdeen Joel Pohjanpalo - 3.5Mil to Frankfurt Luanzinho - 3.5Mil to Mareille Also cut loose a lot of reserves etc that would never make first team and freed up some for wages IN: Ryan Fraser - 6mil Lasse Vigan - 2mil Joe Bryan - 900k Jordan Rhodes - Free - and only 3k a week, so no risk deal Scott McKenna - 22mil - hated giving that to Aberdeen but they would have got maybe as much eventually from someone and I need the home grown players for euro reqs as well. Franck Rivollier (Lyon) 4mil Thiago Almada - Velez Wonderkid 14.5mil Ruben Loftus Cheek - 21mil - the Marquee signing In addition managed to extend the loans for Harry Wilson, Phil Fodden and Eddie Nketiah
  10. and also sometimes the other club surprise you and come back with way more than you thought they would lol
  11. yeh I would have sold if they hadn't come in a week from the end of the January window. At that point I was only 5 points behind Celtic still with 2 old firm games,,, so was afraid to risk it and get nobody to replace him with, esp in January. I have found if you reject the bid the player always gets unhappy / unsettled,,, however if you do want to keep the player just counter their offer with something way above what you think they will pay... the players are less likely to kick off with you after, its as if you make the other club the bad guy for breaking off the negotiations and they blame them.
  12. Yeh I lost the quarter final to Dortmund ,,, 2-2 at home then 2-1 to them away,, buggers scored in the 89th min to kill it,, still a good run tho
  13. Tbf Dorrans has been fair for me,, not so much scoring but has average rating for season of 7.4, and has remained fit for most of the season,, has bagged 5 or 6 from CM and a few assists. He was only supposed to be a backup and was planning on using more Arfield and Jack with Fodden or the brazilian lad ahead of the mid two in my 4-2-3-1,, James Morrison was brought in as a free to more or less do the same as Dorrans and pass on some experience ,, was good for a few games (scored x2 on debut) then faded off and eventually became a resident at the Physio Dep lol McCrorie also stands into the holding midfield role and pretty decent there and in CB,,, coming along nicely stats wise too. An area that I know needs looked at,, but I only got around 4mil this 2nd season and spent elsewhere along with what I made from a selling candeias and Lafferty . Like I said If Milan come back in for Barisic then I may be tempted,,, as good as Barisic is for me (2nd top scorer season 1) ,, he has some stamina issues,, and is always down at 90% if I try 2 games in a row. Beside I spent fairly big on another LB as knew Wallace was finished and brought in a young Danish LB Andreas Poulsen, cost me about 4mil from BMG but a few months later now worth 6mil and only 20yr old
  14. yeh same here,,, have heavily relied on my 3 loan players, fodden, ollie burke ( pre winter upgrade b4 he went to them irl ) and Harry Wilson. Lost Arfield almost as soon as season started for the whole year and have a mid centre pairing of Jack and Dorrans,, and then Morrison got injured and when I lost Jack I have brought back in Greg Docherty from the cold. Have even used McCrorrie as a CDM as well and had to recently bring in youth players like Jack Thompson just so could put out a team. Definitely my main area of concern in the summer. On the plus Morelos has been good this season with 27 so far in about 40 all comps,,, strangely tho he the one player I expected to get requests for that nobody seems to be interested in lol. Middleton has come on leaps and bounds tho up until his injury that is,,28 games and 11 goals and 10 assts and worth more than Morelos at around 8mil Even Grezda (I know) has had a fairly decent run lately 11 goals in 23 and worth around 5 mil. Investment wise I bought a wee cheapish Brazilian in my first season ,,player called Luanzinho for around 1mil paid in instalments ,, loaned him out to nimes in France and played off the bench a few times this season,,, scored the goal that knocked out Schalke and his value shot up to over 5.5mil lol,, got pretty average stats but plays ok,, might cash in on him with a sell on clause
  15. Yeh cheers,,, just knocked out Killie and correction that was the semi,,, so another scot cup final against celtic to look forward to ,,, beat them last season so here hoping can make it 2 in a row in the cup at least lol
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