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  1. You mean the editor ? Theres actually not much point editing ground capacity cause it doesnt make any difference. For training facilities just win a few cups and it will be excellent as long as you finace is good.
  2. Wage caps also . In my finace display its set as 220 k but i can offer my player max 150 k only. I saw messi given 300k salary , its so unfair when i want to reward my player.
  3. I am trying to bid for messi ,i have around 80 mil but it only allow me to bid till 60 mil. Any tips?
  4. How much transfer money does NESV give? I am still waiting for my game to be ship
  5. Has anyone who has patch their game and seen liverpool 100% successful in takeover with NESV and around what time?
  6. You are so lucky. 50 mil ! Mine clear debts and gave 13 mil. After i request to increase salary buget, become 25 mil available for me to spent. My chairman lie, he din even clear any debt at all which i dun understand .
  7. I think we have to do it by the editor way.
  8. Currently i am replaying liv to see if the chairman varies and if theres a tycoon.
  9. Still need to wait for around 2 week. You can go to the club information (under chairman status there)to see if the word is 'in the process of takeover' is there or 'happy with the club'.
  10. Anyone tried playing liverpool till around august 16 they will say a takeover start and anyone got a mega rich tycoon chairman? Mine gave me 25 Mil only. I remember my chairman is a russian name start with Va....
  11. The program cant start because d3dx9_41.dll is missing from your computer. Anyone can help me ? Thanks
  12. injuries arghhh!!!

    Go download real time editor , so that your player are 100%healthy all the time. no worries for broking leg , sprain etc.
  13. Wigan,hull,stoke. They just seems to be easily able to defeat my liverpool team .
  14. Conceding late goals

    I experience this alot. When i am expecting a clean sheet, late goals screw me up. I wanted to let my star player have some rest to be fit for next match. After many late goal by them , i realise that if you want to sub striker out, don't bring in a striker with no reputation because their defender will be push up front . Next is mentality, normally if you change from attack to defence player gets confuse and play badly which i dun know why. Cause when i am leading like 3 goals i change my tactis to defence ,i will be conceded during injury time. Sorry for my poor sentence structure & english .