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  1. Schmacko

    The Old World Database - Discussion Thread

    If you are still thinking about doing a league for the Vatican, why not turn it into a Papal State league as it would be more competitive with Roma and Lazio in it. It would also give you a clear line for a north south divid and give you one more league. I'd be happy to research this as im doing about the unification of Italy for my exams at the moment and know the area quite well already. I'd also be interested in spilting up the states in Italy up into there own league aswell which would be: - Piedmont (big teams are Juventus) - Lombardy (big teams are Milan and Inter) - Papal State (big teams are Roma and Lazio) - Kingdom of both Sicilies/Naples (Napoli and Palermo) - Central Duchies If anyone is interested in what it looks like here is a map http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Italia1859.png And i would be happy to research any of them if you were to do them.
  2. Schmacko

    Hardest Compeition to Win?

    Its got to be other, something like La Liga or Serie A would be hard for an English team to win
  3. Schmacko

    The New Europe

    Maybe in the UK league you should actually treat Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham as Welsh teams so that Cardiff would be in the Premier League, Swansea in the Championship etc. This might even it out a bit more as these teams have the potential to actually survive in they divisions. Another thing you could do is maybe boost the fianaces of the N. Irish and Welsh teams slighty so they could get better players from the off and have a tiny bit more chance in the divisions.
  4. Schmacko

    The New Europe

    I hope this can help you for Catalonia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Catalan_football_teams
  5. Schmacko

    The New Europe

    How about doing Catalunya away from Spain aswell if you are having to make more countries or Monaco if really desperate.