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  1. -= Beerschot Season Review 2015/16 =- Beerschot seems to be a good bet for this challenge this year, judging by how my meagre talents were able to take them to a pretty emphatic title-winning first season. We started fairly slowly but hit top spot exactly half way through the season, and then never gave up our lead, winning the title with two games to spare. We also won the Champions Playoff 1 - 0 (although my post-match team talk upset a few players as I thought there was a second leg to come, and wasn't happy with a 1 - 0 advantage from the "home leg" - d'oh!) TABLE As for our star players, Tom Pietermaat was a reliable midfield general while Wannes Van Tricht provided a bit of creativity. Dries Ventose top scored, but he only really came into his own when we signed Mehdi Chtara (pronounced Cheetara, by me at least) in December. TRANSFERS
  2. We clinched the title with 2 games to spare. It was a struggle at times (like when our entire midfield was injured or suspended and we lost 1-0 to the bottom team Londerzeel), but in the end my squad was the strongest in the division and it told. Finances are predictably dire though, and that's despite regular attendances of 8-10k in the third tier! Full(er) season review when I get to the end of the campaign.
  3. I'm afraid I was beaten to this, but I'm starting this challenge with Beerschot-Wilrijk. I always intended to give this a go in Belgium, and they are the no-brainer choice for a mediocre FM player like me. Profile Squad
  4. Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    Like I said, very impressive. I've just failed again to get into CL or EL group stages. After living cautiously on my one season's CL winnings for a while (£18-20k under my wage cap for the last 2 years), I've decided to throw caution to the wind for next season. I may only have 130 season ticket holders (for 4th season in a row) but they will get their money's worth!
  5. Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    Hi dafuge, hugely impressive stuff. I'm currently plugging away in the Welsh Premier League, trying to achieve anything remotely like this success. I took the coward's option of managing TNS though, and after 6 seasons I've made the CL group stages once (gaining a creditable draw against the eventual winners Manchester City), and went unbeaten domestically for the last two and a half seasons, until a recent injury-induced blip. When did your attendances and sponsorships etc increase? Mine seem to have stalled despite relative success - even after my Champions league season they didn't seem to budge. I guess it's all about patience, and building up league and club reputation?
  6. Just had a thought, a bit like how you can tell clubs why you are accepting or rejecting a bid for one of your players, it would be nice to tell the player something as well (although maybe in a full conversation not a throw away remark). I don't like the feeling that I am always forcing players out of my club, when often it is really in their interests to go. So I'd like to say things like "At this stage of your career you need first team football" or "I can't see you making it with us, but go and make the most of your career elsewhere". Or when you get a crazy offer for a player you'd happily keep, "You still have a place at this club if you choose to stay, but this offer was too good to turn down". I know you can do a bit of this when transfer listing a player, but what if an offer just comes out of nowhere? I'd like to discuss it with my player.
  7. Chinese League

    Agreed, I think you should be able to appeal to a player's agent when the player refuses to negotiate. Put a proposal to the agent and if it's good enough, he might go to his player and recommend it to him, then the player still has a chance to accept, negotiate further, or still refuse outright. At least then you can feel like you've made your best effort.
  8. I have sort of done this recently, when I lost my whole summer/pre-season and opening 2 games of the season to a corrupted save file. The two competitive games that I had to replay were wins, and I won them again next time anyway, but I changed my transfer policy that summer, I sold players for more money the second time, and bought one for a whopping £6m less than I had originally.
  9. Ah, THAT'S how I won it...makes sense now.
  10. Can't think of anything to prove you wrong. I've never seen a "Hits dipping free kicks" PPM such as Ronaldo should probably have. Then again, I always forget that PPMs even exist, so I don't look at them much.
  11. I need another Carrick

    Both my suggestions have already been said, but... Andrea Poli or Kwadwo Asamoah for me. Or try to get Aaron Ramsey off Arsenal maybe? He's awesome as MC (DLP) in my Arsenal save with Poli as his back up.
  12. The thing about prices being unrealistic is maybe that player power isn't really in force in the game. I recently wanted to buy Jovetic after his Fiorentina side got relegated in the first season. He was listed by request, I praised him etc etc, and he 'hoped' I would make a bid. Now his asking price was £24m I think, and I wanted to get him for about £16-18m, but I could not for love or money get them to negotiate any lower than £22.5m, and when they rejected my bids Jovetic was getting more and more upset about it. In real life he and his agent would be putting pressure on the club to let him go at this stage, and as the only club interested I could easily have got him for under £20m lets say. But in FM they stuck to their guns, and as soon as the season started he forgot all about his unhappiness and won Serie B easily. Chance gone.
  13. Since others are posting their squads, I think mine is worthy of a mention. It's absolutely brimming with talent, which makes it quite shameful to report I've only ever won 2 FA Cups and 1 Carling Cup with it in three years. This might be our year though, at the start of the 14/15 season we're on a 14 game unbeaten run in all competitions (won 13, drawn 1), and Damiao has banged in 16 goals in 11(1) games. GK Woj Szczesny Tim Krul Luck Daunay-Cottellon (17 y/o French **** regen) DEF Bacary Sagna Sime Vrsaljko Nicolas Otamendi Thomas Vermaelen Laurent Koscielny Kurt Zouma Jordi Alba Kieran Gibbs MID Alex Song Radja Nainggolan Francis Coquelin Jack Wilshere Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Aaron Ramsey Andrea Poli ATT MID Mesut Ozil Gervinho Nicolas Gaitan Robin van Persie (retrained to play AMC, in a playmaker role) ATT Leandro Damiao Khouma Babacar Gerald Kocijan (17 y/o German ****.5 regen) Juan Ricardo Rosales (17 y/o Mexican ****.5 regen, HUGE star in the making) I can't see any way to improve my squad, so I reckon it's all down to my tactics now.
  14. Regarding corners, I have mine set to 6 yard box, a defender attacking each post. Otamendi got 11 goals in all comps for me last season (several from FKs rather than corners). Man City, who beat me to the league title, scored more from corners than me so I don't consider that too exploit-y, just doing enough to keep up with the opposition.