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  1. The Scottish Pyramid, Platinum Edition

    Looks immense, just started a game unemployed and I'm going for the position at my local team - Maryhill. Well done in advance! The only other thing I think might aid the game IRL is summer football/winter break - but that would be to ease up the fixture list (no games postponed) and the attendance at games which I suppose doesn't really factor in to a game of FM.
  2. Welsh League

    I had a bad time at Llangefni Town in last years game although I ended up winning the WPL with them after 4 seasons. No money, no upgrades, no staff and you could not keep your better players to save your life. I left to try and create a career for myself - there was a glass ceiling, I just could not get a job elsewhere no matter how much I tried but funnily enough when I was unemployed I got a few Blue Square N/S offers.
  3. No league defeats in 2.5 seasons

    I bought him for around £4m in my game, they offered him to me after they got relegated.
  4. I usually hit out with some expletive ridden filth - "see you, ya useless c**t!" is probably the most used. =O As I am having a rare game of managing someone with some actual money (Man City) I usually add in something about how much they are being paid and the social consequences of paying millionaires to run around kicking a ball. =( Ooh-er. My favourite kind of FM moment though is when a last minute winner is scored and I just can't help lifting my fists into the air, closing my eyes & hissing yessssssssssss!
  5. FM09: Official Manchester City Football Club Thread

    In my 08/09 season I said I would mount a title challenge but ended up 4th in the EPL and got put out of the UEFA cup by Roma in the quarter-finals. To my surprise I was given a 4 year contract and £130 million to spend as I got a little more realistic and said I'd fight for a European place. Just beaten Porto in the qualifier to land in a Champions League group with AC Milan, CSKA Moscow and Rapid Wien. Best player of 08/09 was Gelson Fernandes with a 7.5 rating in 55 apps, Jo topped the goalscoring charts with 20 goals. Robinho scored 12 goals and averaged 7.4 in 32 games (playing mostly left-wing). This season the big transfers in have been Stevan Jovetic for £20m, Cristian Zapata for £18m, David Luiz for £11m, Hatem Ben Arfa for £23m & Sergio Aguero for £49m. I don't think I can afford to get rid of any more club grown players & it was a mistake to get rid of both Michael Johnson & Kasper Schmeichel. Here's hoping my millionaire squad = success this season.
  6. FM09: Official Manchester City Football Club Thread

    Thanks mate, came back from 1-3 behind to beat them 4-3 in the next game too, the team has beaten the "big teams" in the league as well as in Europe (beat Valencia convincingly away from home) but have struggled pretty badly against the likes of Villa and West Ham. Position is currently 8th and the January transfer period brought in Guilherme for £20m with the unhappy Elano shipped out to Chelsea for the same price... I'm scared in case my promise of the title will see me out on my arse before I get to taste the next transfer window. Eep! After a bad start Jo is now sticking them away regularly, Guardado converts into a good left-back, Robinho actually produces some good performances way out on the wing and Boruc is a god in goals. The basis to build a truly great team is there.
  7. FM09: Official Manchester City Football Club Thread

    I'm not doing too great but I think the City fans/board will give me a little slack thanks to the result of my first Manchester Derby.
  8. Unemployed?

    I live in Scotland mate, as soon as the levee breaks I can just go up a mountain and watch the lowlanders drown. =)
  9. Unemployed?

    Why should anybody do that? The point is the Sunday League unemployed system does not work well enough, sure - we can restart and up our experience or just make ourselves manager of clubs but we shouldn't need to. I don't know if it's just 3 times being unlucky but I went unemployed holiday/applying for lower league teams until 2010 last night.
  10. FM09: Official Manchester City Football Club Thread

    Has anyone received offers in for Micah Richards? I just turned down a £30m + 50% future fee offer from Arsenal, the only thing making up my mind is that I don't have enough time to replace him.
  11. Unemployed?

    Were you on Sunday League Footballer experience? I got a job offer on this experience within a few days of one game but I turned it down, only to later regret it as I got no other offers for 4 years (on holiday, applying for LL jobs). My cousin has had the exact same experience as me. Both of us have had the exact same thing happen where we have applied for the team at the bottom of the lowest league in Wales and in Ireland and been rejected!! Surely you should still have a chance of a job even if you turn down the first few offers? I'll try and start a career game again tonight but if it happens again then I'm going to have to wait until it is confirmed as a bug and fixed, I'd rather be playing as Man City than pressing continue over and over again because I don't trust the holiday settings. =( Cheers for trying to help mate, I'll let you know how I get on. Waiting until 2012+ before handling a team is a little excessive mate. And even in 2012 it looked like I still wouldn't get a job!
  12. FM09: Official Manchester City Football Club Thread

    I'm only a few games in but he isn't setting the world alight, I might just move my whole left side up 1 and forget trying to convert Guardado into a great attacking left-back and just bring in Marcelo instead. I'm Man City, I can do what the hell I like!! =P Anyway, I already explained - I don't want to have strangers playing with each other every game, I have only introduced Boruc and Guardado in addition to the new players I didn't sign in the hope that the team will gel quicker. The young guys in the reserves will hopefully adapt without any pressure on them and can slowly be introduced, save for any injuries to my first team squad. Why would I not buy the very, very best players I can afford? It makes sense to me, although you may be proven right at the end of my season. We'll just have to wait and see. =D P.S. If you don't believe me then I'm sure if you go on about it enough you will make me care enough to give you a screen-shot. I got £85m as I promised the title, then I adjusted the wage structure to add the rest of the money and I have just over £4m left as well as £100k left in the wage structure.
  13. Unemployed?

    I want to start at the bottom and work my way up mate. It'll be interesting to find out how many other people are having this problem and if it is indeed a bug - or maybe just a little too realistic.
  14. FM09: Official Manchester City Football Club Thread

    Back when Chelsea first got their millions I couldn't go through with taking charge of them because they're just a team that I don't like, I don't have the same problem with Man City. I can quite happily take the millions and take on the challenge of converting them into a Champions League super-power within a few seasons - at least until the January update and then I can start a career game until FM10. The game so far is just filling in the spots with the highest recommended players that will make the move to City, so I'm not surprised everybody is basically after the same players. My first XI going into the season: --------------------Boruc (£25m) Richards--------Dunne---Kompany---Guardado (£21m) Wright-Phillips---Elano---Fernandes---Robinho ----------------Benjani---Caicedo sb1. Hart sb2. Ben-Haim sb3. Petrov sb4. Ireland sb5. Jo sb6. Johnson sb7. Marcelo (£4.9m) Reserve Team (Featuring a lot of transfer kitty spending as I want to give the team time to gel.) --------------------------Hart Rafinha (£16m)---Ben-Haim---Radu (£2m)------Marcelo (£4.9m) Zabaleta---------Johnson----Veloso (£15m)---Matias Fernandez (£9m) ---------------------Sturridge---Evans sb1. Renan (£6.5m) sb2. Onuoha sb3. Castillo sb4. Bojinov sb5. Vassell I let go everyone else in the squad save for a few U18's in each position. I left it too late to get Srna for £18m so ended up with Rafinha instead, the only thing that's happened that has left a little regret. It's going to be interesting to see if I can mould Guardado into a left-back. But that's most of the money away & I'm still looking for a young left-winger and a striker for a combined £4m (so that rules out my first choices - Ballotelli & Zhirkov!!) to "complete" the entire team... well, until the next transfer window anyway! I'll update at the end of the season.
  15. Unemployed?

    The first month I actively applied and then I holidayed, setting it to automatically apply for lower league teams. 2012 without any offers twice.