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  1. kimz great tac is there a page reconmending what type of players need for each position? thanks
  2. Well here my last few games with version 2 Charlton(H) 3-0 West Brom (A) 3-0 Rapid(H) 4-0 Wigan (A) 4-0 great tactic
  3. After a great version 1 I will try version 2 and give feedback I think we need to know what type of players in each position would thanks for the great work this a great tactic
  4. Great tactic opp instructions need to be used or the tactic is not as effective only if there was away to set them in the tactic as it take a bit to every match
  5. It would be good if there was a news center like skysports but could be called FMsports or some like that which could have transfer rumours on it and the tables and other things would look cool also differant types of merchandise like shirts flags etc and mabye to become a player/manager at lower clubs tell me what you think
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