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  1. My rationale was up there, (When the mids or striker get the ball the wingers are miles away on the touchline) but everything changed. My defenders started tackling, my midfielders started passing, Giroud decided he could jump etc.
  2. Thanks, good read. I've turned BWM off as apparently that makes them run around like headless chickens and set Stopper/Coverer as a classic Mertescielny combo. Since I switched "Play Wider" off it's been like a different game, that seemed to be the main issue, the sheer amount off differece with that setting on is... suspect imo.
  3. I'm getting of rid Play Wider and Shorter Passing, lets see how this goes. Rationale: When the mids or striker get the ball the wingers are miles away on the touchline.
  4. Is there anything horribly wrong here as I'm getting beaten in every match at the moment, and not just beaten, beaten badly.
  5. 3 utter tonkings, this was a doozey. I must be the worst manager in history.
  6. May have had a breakthrough by dropping my wingers back even deeper. My logic here was it would be smaller gap between the defensive players and the attacking 3. Result: Win. Score: 2-1 Shots: 12-14 Gonna run this a few more times to see if it was a fluke.
  7. It's not. This is how it works, whatever you do you should have done the opposite. It's the way the match engine is written and the way the community responds.
  8. If I told you I was playing with a fast tempo with a high line you'd just say the opposite. Amusingly I just played the match again with 1 DM and a higher line and it was far worse. Looking at the pad in front of me this is the 38th time I've played this fixture* using a variety of formation and strategies, using this as a start point with tweaks along the way. http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/tactics/team-instructions/tactical-styles Average shots against: 27 (Do you have any idea how rare this is in real life?) Most shots against: 35 Average goals for: 0.13 Average goals against: 3.15 * This is the only way to learn the match engine in my experience. The game has been lost before I pick any tactics or players, there is not a strategy that will get me a win here.
  9. I don't know what the improvements to defending were but they aren't doing anything to me. 42121 in an away match against a similar team. 2 DMs, team sitting deep, slow tempo, counter attack. Utterly dicked, opposition have 37 shots. Even if I tried as hard as possible to create as bad a tactic as possible this shouldn't be happening. The only way to play this game is all out attack as there are no tackles or defending to be seen anywhere.
  10. Personally performance seems unchanged but my PC is still relatively tasty. How many stars do you get for indicative performance when starting a new game?
  11. Is it really embarassing? I doubt it. My sincerest apologies, it's the same symptom but a different cause. I'm not sure how that's any better. *shrug*
  12. This is a bug from (I think) 2011 which has been reintroduced. It took 3 months to get goals from through balls into the game that year and it's reappeared this time round.
  13. It really is, I've been playing it for 20 years, but my patience is growing thin with paying £25 each year for a data update with some new bugs slapped on top and ones that were previously fixed re-introduced. I vowed to NEVER buy this game before January ever again and I'm most annoyed that I fell for it again.
  14. Because that would be a ridiculous thing to do right? Attack the worst team in the league, what muppet would do that.
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