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  1. Having played the full game for years, and then got out of the way of it more recently, I'm looking to get back into it with Touch or Mobile this year, but I'm out of touch - what is the differences/benefits between Touch and Mobile?
  2. Excellent. Look forward to giving it a try and thanks for all the work you've put in to it. Will be taking my own club from the depths of Mid Ulster and I know there's a few other lads at our club also play FM who'll fancy giving this a go
  3. Yes the cups run by the MUFL are as below Marshall Cup - All MUFL First teams Premier Cup - Intermediate A Alan Wilson Cup - Intermediate B Alexandra Cup - Division 1 Foster Cup - Division 2 Beckett Cup - Division 3 John Magee Memorial Cup - Division 4 Wilmor Johnston Cup, O'Hara Cup and Mid Ulster League Cup are as you say all Reserve competitions and not as straightforward!
  4. Wow - very in depth. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. You've mentioned cups there, regards Mid Ulster then are you intending to add the likes to Marshall Cup (all MUFL) as well as the the Premier, Alan Wilson, Alexandra, Foster, Beckett and John Magee divisional cups?
  5. Not handy to my game at the minute to give proper details but I'm in January in my first season with United. Prompted TFM to the first team right from the start and he's been getting a fair bit of game time and coming on well Rashford has really started to find his feet from November on and is second top scorer behind Ibra Some amount of deadwood in the squad to get rid of! Rafinha and Lemos were amongst my new signings in the summer transfer window and both have been good additions
  6. Hat-trick for Dybala in his first league game. European Super Cup also now won, 4-1 against Valencia
  7. Just started into my fourth season with PSG, and as you'd expect I've made the most of the bucket loads of money available to me. In all my years playing CM and FM, I've never seen so much money at one club! 4 x French Champions Trophy 3 x Ligue 1 2 x Coupe de la Ligue 1 x French Cup 1 x Champions League Won the league title comfortably in all 3 seasons, with a 27 point gap in the first season, 22 points in the second, and 19 points in the third. Disappointing return in the Champions League in the first 2 seasons, losing to Chelsea in the First Knockout Round in 2015/16, and then to Bar
  8. Have always had a great fondness of Ajax, and have intended to start a game on FM with them sometime soon. Excellent stuff on this thread guys
  9. Sorry should have worded that better. I'm managing United, my scouts found him and he's playing for me now
  10. Thanks guys, didn't realise doing it that way would work! Will give it a try later!
  11. I'm looking to manage Sierra Leone in FM15 just they're not a playable country. Is there anyway they can be made playable? Just the nation, not even the full domestic end of the country
  12. When is another update including the transfers of Chamberlain, Lukaku, etc likely to be released?
  13. Does this update change CA/PA/etc? Are any new youngsters included?
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