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  1. under the individual training tab. you can choose new preferred move then encourage and when the list of different types to select the "disciplilne training is always grey'd out. why? and what is in there? i've searched and could not find anything about this. if it's in here somewhere i am sorry. i have a couple of players on my squad that need to either be more consistant, or do not relish big games. i'm looking for a way to help them grow out of it.
  2. spot on, that's how i run my 41221, but i use a b2b for the cm and a bwm for the cdm.
  3. tom ince, i bought him at newcastle cost me $11 mil he is my starting LW 2yrs running. plays very well in my system.
  4. Wow! just Wow! so i started using this for the 1st time over the weekend and have revamped my 451 based on my best personnel and tayloring each position to what those players are rated the highest at and my club has gone from middle of the pack to near promotion with 2 matches left! thank you, this is the best tool i've come across yet.
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