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  1. new preferred move training question

    thank you radosst
  2. under the individual training tab. you can choose new preferred move then encourage and when the list of different types to select the "disciplilne training is always grey'd out. why? and what is in there? i've searched and could not find anything about this. if it's in here somewhere i am sorry. i have a couple of players on my squad that need to either be more consistant, or do not relish big games. i'm looking for a way to help them grow out of it.
  3. spot on, that's how i run my 41221, but i use a b2b for the cm and a bwm for the cdm.
  4. Hidden Gems!

    tom ince, i bought him at newcastle cost me $11 mil he is my starting LW 2yrs running. plays very well in my system.
  5. i'm only in my 4th season, but i've seen quite a few so far,had one score against me too...
  6. huh, i've never used it before. i can't wait to try it out.
  7. i see it listed for psp and ios, is it available for android too? i'm only on season two right now with Maidenhead
  8. where do i find a "sugar daddy" option? i need one bad!
  9. Shortlist problems

    yes, that was it, thank you!
  10. Shortlist problems

    Hi, let me start by saying thank you thank you thank you, i've had the game about 72 hrs now for my samsung and i think i've been on it about 70 of them. but one thing i've noticed, and i logged in to the forum today to see if it's a bug but i may have missed it. the shortlist doesn't seem to save the players i put in it, or scout... i might be doing something wrong. anyone else have this problem?
  11. FM11 Premier League Logos

    is there a new link for the kits? this one is broken, while i got your attention, does anyone know where i can find 2008 prem kits? i'm looking specifically for arsenals, those kits rocked!
  12. 7 Star Coaching made easy (9.3 Only)

    searching for similar file for 2011, i couldn't find it, all i found was this one. could use some help locating the file for 2011
  13. all of the avove and blast ball into the back of the net, maybe comes deep to get ball too, that can be deadly.
  14. hard to sleep

    lol, i would let it roar out load if i didn't have a baby sleeping directly above me! cheers.
  15. hard to sleep

    exactly, and i find myself adjusting as the game goes too, and when you get that go ahead goal in the closing minutes, or game tying goal, what a rush, my arms always go up and i give out a silent shout! love it.