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  1. I'm desperately sad that it seems unlikely there will ever be another FMC on the Vita. I'm enjoying it immensely, the superb match engine outweighing all the little niggles with the game. Just a few improvements and Vita Football Manager could be nigh-on perfect. Since I'm here, let me just ask whether I am completely alone in this: I would love to be able to watch my matches in their ENTIRETY. Anyone else feel this way? For me, handheld FM games have never been about "bashing out a few games on the bus". I play them sitting on my couch. I love handhelds; I love not having to boot up a laptop or PC, or take over the living room TV with a console. Tell me there is one other weirdo out there who feels the same :-)
  2. Unless I'm going blind nobody has asked yet, will FMH13 be appearing on Playstation Network in the United States...?
  3. Options - Making the game easier or harder.

    Hmmm, interesting. But the game knows which team I am managing when I'm in a job, obviously enough, so could it simply apply my proposed skewed luck factors to that team?
  4. Options - Making the game easier or harder.

    If this is true then it's the one argument against difficulty levels that I could personally countenance. But could difficulty levels not be as simple as altering the range of any/all randomisation factors in the game in the user's favour - in effect, making the player various degrees of "luckier"?
  5. Options - Making the game easier or harder.

    You keep saying this, but I don't think it means very much. FM is a GAME, not the transformation of actual reality into digital form, perfect in every way. What's the "integrity" of a club like Vauxhall Motors winning the Champions League in 2020 in FM? Since it's just a game, which can already be modified in various ways ('fog of war' options and such), the addition of some trivial difficulty modifiers is surely no big deal.
  6. Options - Making the game easier or harder.

    Given that FM is only an attempt to simulate the real football world (and is inevitably an approximation at best) I can't see why the idea of difficulty levels is quite such an emotional topic. We're not talking about making the Mona Lisa brighter coloured to appeal to a wider audience here, or something.
  7. game is now just boring

    "Cherry pick" players seems an odd way to describe what the poster says he does: he looks at stats. A real-life manager can quite easily do the same, and to a certain extent they do.
  8. Corner Banging

    It doesn't sound too bad, agreed, but in reality Samba scores once every ten Premier League games and even set-piece-reliant Stoke only got seven goals from their defenders last season. In short, corners in FM12 are broken.
  9. Corner Banging

    The goals from corners are, in my opinion, the biggest flaw in the whole game. The frequency is not just "a bit off", it's absurd. Incidentally, I don't think it's even purely an issue with the near-post: I use mixed delivery and I have a guy win the header at the back post virtually every time it goes there, powering his header on target or fractionally wide/over. In real life the vast majority of corners don't even result in an effort on goal, and only around 1 in 50 results in a goal.
  10. The absurd frequency of FM12 goals from corners is probably my least favourite, most illusion-ruining issue with the game. Ughhhhh.
  11. Like the thread, for what it's worth. Just makes me think what a shame it is that FM doesn't provide the tool for you to simply set up a one-off match with the players/managers of your choice and play it out in the match engine. THAT would be a great way to look at the Euro's.
  12. Just to repeat, you can watch full games (as I do, every single match) and you won't see players "just get tackled" on the edge of the box. I'm not saying that this long-range shooting thing can't be overcome with appropriate tactics, just pointing out that this 'highlights' thing is a bit of a red herring. I also think it seems needlessly complex that to prevent bizarre amounts of long shooting you have to "understand the match engine". I've watched (and played in!) some terrible football teams whose players would often be short of options over about 30 years, and never seen players shoot from range as frequently (or even close to as frequently) as my rather successful FM team.
  13. I think such a huge disparity in these numbers is a little odd, but I take 'off the ball' to mean movement off the ball when his team HAS the ball, whereas I guess 'workrate' would apply mostly when not in possession.
  14. With respect, it's nothing to do with highlights - it's about players taking long shots far more often than the manager wants. It's the same whether you watch highlights, watch the whole game, or check the stats without watching any of the game.
  15. How Far Can You Get In A Day?

    I'm approaching 24 hours of gameplay time in my new game and I've just finished pre-season and am about to play my first league game!