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  1. Why me??

    Different pc account. Hopefully works for you as well.
  2. Why me??

    I got the "The Save Game Could Not Be Loaded" problem a few months ago. All my saves would not load and I couldn't even start a new game, I knew there was not a problem with the save files as like yours genie scout would open them. I tried ever solution I could find on the net reinstall FM and Steam, repatching etc. Only thing that I found to work was switching to a different User Account on the PC and then FM would load and start new saves again. So maybe that will work for you as well if re-applying the patch doesn't.
  3. Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    Looked back over the last few pages and its good to see people getting some great regens. Wish some of the center backs where in my game. Some regens in my team at the moment: Signed him when he was 16 for 3 million. Saw him at 16 but he decied to go to barcelona so signed another player who was not as good, few years later the other player went to barcelona for 30 million and then I used 20 million of it to sign him Signed at 18 for 11 million saw him at 16 but could not afford him at that point.
  4. So far only played the one save on FM10 with Grimsby Town and won the Premier League 4 of the last 5 years.
  5. How many clear cut chances?

    My record is having 11 Clear Cut Chances and losing 4-3.
  6. Bogey Teams

    Chelsea, it took me 15 matches against them to get a win. Also Derby they a yo-yo premiership club but I have never taken 6 points from them in a season, all their players seem to score from 30 yards when ever they try.
  7. On FM07 or 08 playing as Arsenal had a Champions League final with barcelona. Was 3 - 0 down after 65 min. Had a player sent off after 70 mins. Went all out attack and a 2-4-3 formation and barcelona sat back. Scored in 74,83,89 and 91 minutes to win 4-3 toto tamuz, Arturo Lupoli and Carlos Javier Acuña was my front 3 so when I remember what year they was good in I'll try and find the screenshot.
  8. Who won the 2010 world cup in your game?

    2010 Brazil beat Germany with Argentina 3rd 2014 Argentina beat Portugal with Ghana 3rd 2018 Brazil beat Italy with France 3rd
  9. England and Stuart Pearce.

    He spent 6 years in the job on my save and had some success won European Championships in 2016, 3rd in Confederation Cup in 2017 and quarter finals in both 2014/2018 World Cups and then just left.
  10. I always employ 3 physios mainly for the extra scouting knowledge. In this years manual the description for Physiotherapy attribute says "If possible, have at least three Physios with high ratings for this attribute to ensure your players receive high-quality treatment to both prevent and rehabilitate injuries." So maybe there is an advantage to having more than 1 physio.
  11. What is the point of youth coaches?

    I just use coaches as I have seen no differents when using youth coaches and find they don't help in producing regen of different nationality, as a while ago I did a test to see what affected the nationality of regens as on one of my saves I always had regens from the local area, even though I had all my youth coaches with different nationality to the club and a 50% world scouting knowledge. So I looked at the biggest 6 teams on reputation from Spain, Italy and England (including my club) to see which had regens created at the club of different nationality to the club. 14 of the clubs did, with 25 regens in total. I looked at the link between the club and the regens nationality to find a reason why and found: 10 was the same nationality as a feeder club. 5 was same as the managers nationality. 4 was same as a scouts nationality. 3 was same as a first team coaches nationality. 2 was same as the chairman nationality. 2 was same as a youth coaches nationality. 2 had dual nationality which included nationality same as club. 1 was same nationality as a physio. 1 of the clubs staff had knowledge of the nationality through a favoured personnel. ( the first team / youth coaches links was when the manager link happened also) So on another save to test it I gained more feeder clubs of different nationalities, a different managers nationality and a bigger range of scouting nationalities. Other staff and chairman I kept same as club and found this created regen of different nationalities to my club.
  12. Your win %?

    55% Grimsby Town 2017/18. After first 3 seasons it was about 70%.
  13. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    hey kremmen, thanks for taking the time and effort to create this fantastic pack.
  14. Third and Fourth seasons. 3rd season I ended up winning the league 3rd promotion as champions in a row, Middlebrough and Leeds gave me good competition most of season but Leeds only picked up 13 points in the last 16 games After 30 games. Championship League Cup - lost in round 2 to Portsmouth 2-1 FA Cup - lost in round 4 to Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 Transfers The Big performers for me in the season were: Febian Brandy and Sofiane Hanni Player Stats Season 3 Had a couple of failed takeovers and a staduim upgrade of a 1000 seats. Also had an offer from Arsenal and was temtped to see if I could win all 4 leagues in a row but decied to stay at town. 4th season Finished 14th after I was given a 10 million pound transfer budget and a 120k wage budget. Premiership League Cup - lost in round 3 to Derby 4-3 FA Cup - lost in round 3 to Blackburn 1 -0 Transfers The Big performers for me in the season were: Jem Karacan and Ishak Belfodil. Player Stats Season 4 + Stats for: Belfodil, Hanni and Macheda Finally had a board takeover and was refused planning permission for ground expansion.
  15. Had the same problem "This game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time". After verifying the game cache though the problem has gone. So thanks Michael.