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  1. I like the idea. Personally, I think all player and attribute ratings should be on a "superb, good, reasonable, poor, terrible" scale - but only representing their ability at the level they currently play at (ie compared to the other players on the pitch). That way, a player with lots of "superb" ratings who plays at, say, conference level, could potentially go on to be a "good" player at league 1 level - or he might fail to step up to a higher level and be "below par" in league 2.
  2. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  3. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    I didn't know the man unfortunately but it sounds like he was a top guy. RIP friend.
  4. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I'll post an update when my second season is over but I'm about halfway through and quite comfortably in 1st position in the BSN. Just thought I'd share
  5. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Season Summary Update 2 - end of 2009/10 season, beginning of 2010/11 Still in the BSN unfortunately. A shakey start to the season saw us fall behind and although the team did eventually gather momentum, we had a lot of ground to make up. Despite this, we managed to finish 3rd which was okay in my eyes. In the first leg of the play off semi final against Barrow, we were dicked 4-0 which left us with it all to do. In the second leg, we played at home and did really well which interestingly, was a theme carried throughout the season. We were 3-0 up by 60 minutes and I thought we were going to do it but luck was not on our side. We hit the bar and came close several more times but it wasn't enough and we were to spend another season in the BSN. I was obviously gutted but strangely enthusiastic about next season in the BSN. I told my board I would finish champions and began improving my squad - a difficult task as my top goalscorer - Tom Elliott with 38 goals - was not coming back for another loan spell and no one seemed willing to come to a low profile club such as Guiseley. Still, I wait with baited breath for our first game of the season.
  6. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Pre Season Summary (Update 1) Not the ideal start to my managerial career at Guiseley considering the quality of players I thought I had aquired. My pre season friendlies were... Southport 1-0 Victory Rushden 3-1 Defeat Leeds 3-1 Defeat All things considered, these are not horrible results but I can be doing better with the players I have. After assuming control of Guiseley, I decided upon promotion - one way or another - as the target for this season. With this in mind, I had a major clear out and signed the best I had available to me on free transfers... I need to let a few more players go and will also look to bolster the squad with a loanee or two but I feel I have the quality here. Its just up to me to take us to the top.
  7. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I'd normally agree with you but my PC broke just as I was starting the challenge and I won't get it fixed for another week Havn't been this long without FM for a while...
  8. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Ok so my computer crashed halfway through holidaying and still hasn't properly recovered and I got confused with when to add the new user but I'm ready now. James 456 - manager of Guiseley - here we go!
  9. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Oh was I supposed to retire my holiday guy when the new teams were viewable? I've made a new user before that. Better give it a try...
  10. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I've holidayed and saved on the 24th... But the teams that come up seem to already have managers Have I done something wrong here?
  11. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Just starting the challenge - holidaying now. I hope I've installed the patch thing properly though - I used the link at the start of the thread and then clicked save on the window that came up and saved it to the 930 patch rather than the 910 one. Was that right?
  12. The fighting example wasn't the best maybe. I'm just saying that the level of football a player is at seems to directly influence his stats - no matter if they are relevent to footballing ability or not.
  13. What I'm saying is I'd like to see him in a rl fight with your average lower league centre back who according to fm has less strength than Ronaldo.
  14. I agree. Its all well and good saying that better clubs have better training facilities but to suggest that say C.Ronaldo is stronger than most lower league players is stupid. Its a case of the higher level players get better stats, end of.
  15. The grayed out players who are not on contract... are they all terrible? Do they have like a maximum attribute value that is randomly distributed between all the attributes or is there a chance of finding a decent player this way? Thanks.