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  1. Nice post as always, thanks will start on this straight away
  2. Ady911 could you please share this tactic thanks
  3. I'm having a great time with this new tactic, won the 1st 10 games of the season with Leeds
  4. Im really finding it hard with leeds as well with this tactic,im into jan and sitting 10th,very hit and miss at the moment
  5. have unistalled the driver and installed an earlier one but just getting a video_tdr_failure as soon as i launch the game and the laptop reboots,still not played this game at all
  6. ok iv'e uninstalled the game and reinstalled and still the same problem, so iv'e now formatted and reinstalled windows 8 and updated to the latest driver again which came out 2 days ago and bang the same problem again, so ive uninstalled the driver and when i launch the game its saying that nvidia has stopped working and crashes my laptop. All this just to play a game . Im running kaspersky internet security, can you help before i launch this game in the bin pls it says video_tdr_failure on BSOD
  7. ok iv'e done all that,but its still flickering and changing colour and font size,whats next please as i want play thanks
  8. Hi Im having problems with the game at load up screen, it flickers and changes colours and the font then goes really large so you cant see anything, i havent even played it at all yet. My drivers are all upto date i didnt play either the beta or the demo so dont know if they were the same. windows 8.1 pro Geforce GT555M i7 2760QM 8GB RAM 7.91gb Usable Driver version 344.60
  9. http://www.novatech.co.uk/laptop/range/novatecheliten1598.html
  10. Great post mate, looking forward to the false 9, as that's the one player im having probs finding
  11. Just won the championship with leeds in my 1st season, cheers for this tactic,now to start my survival in the prem
  12. nope only one key there and thats the beta
  13. Im with gmg and havent received my second key, have opened up a support ticket 30 mins ago, and havent received anything back from them
  14. many thanks for this, i have just signed up for a premium membership, well worth it for all the hard work you guys put in
  15. Just ordered from GMG with the 25% code, so paid £26.25 many thanks for all those involved with these codes
  16. im using the original modern warfare tactic Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  17. just had this result,look at those shots,really enjoying this tactic Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  18. could you pls upload this tweeked version,thanx
  19. Ive been trying to sign an 18 year old uruguayan newgen, and he keeps getting his work permit refused after appeal,is this because of his age,or his rep and is there any way around this.
  20. has anyone managed to sign bressan/jali on the beta,bressan is availible on a free but goes to fenabache all the time,and they wanted 4.5m for jali on my save,but i did get 3.5m for white,and found asier del horno a good prem left back for free
  21. Great to see this thread up and running,im also finding it hard to bring people in with the limited budget,cheers kenneth... managed to pick up tote and mikkel diskerud on free's at the start of the game, couple of good midfielders
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