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  1. I have, as well. I ran a "holiday" game, exited, and then re-loaded. FM then crashes a couple of game-days later, whether I continue or holiday. I had a few other edited files going on that one (some of Claasen's, SUSIE), so started a new save with just this file; same thing happens - it doesn't crash until I exit and re-load. I've never really had issues with crash dumps in FM before, but this year has been full of them, not just with this file (so not putting any blame on the EEE guys - I appreciate the huge amount of effort that has gone into this).
  2. Is it possible to "highlight key attributes for role" on a player's profile page? I know you can on the attributes page, but all of the other info I use is on the profile page. Ta. Nice feature - playing as a club struggling financially, in Sweden. Drew a top-flight team at home in the cup, got offered a payment to switch the tie to their ground (and take share of increased gate receipts, too). It might have been in previous versions, but first time I've seen it.
  3. Hi, thanks for the leagues done so far. Are you going to do Zimbabwe? I was thinking of starting there this year. You mentioned it before, but no worries if you don't want to now.
  4. 35 and 20ish years. My now wife and I were friends when we were kids back in the mid 90s. I used to spend whole days in school holidays round at her house playing Ultimate Soccer Manager (you could build the ground!) on her brother's PC. She knew what she was getting herself into, FM over-usage would never stand up in court. I've actually asked her if she's bothered that I play a lot. She said that she doesn't mind - I'm in the room, can hold a conversation so it's all okay.
  5. Sacked as manager of East Thurrock, just into the new year. 20 points from 26 games. We were bumping along in lower-mid table then hit a bad run of injuries, the small squad couldn't cope and we just plummeted. Off on holiday until the summer, now.
  6. Manager profile : Ehren James Experience Club profile : East Thurrock United I live a couple of miles from the ground, so this is my local club. I've been trying for years to get them to come up!
  7. I've holidayed through a season, and there doesn't seem to be any teams getting relegated out of level 11; there's no "R" against the bottom clubs in the final league table, and once the next season starts (25th June) at least a couple of those bottom clubs are still in the league they were in last season, at level 11 (I didn't check all of them). I only mention it because the steam workshop icon says that level 12 is inactive to allow promotion / relegation up to level 11. The club I used to play for is at level 12, with direct promotion up to a level 11 division, so I thought I'd try to get them in game. I have the game saved at 24th June, if you need it.
  8. It has some previously unavailable leagues added (including a Japanese league edit that I've just noticed has about 200k edits!), a data (transfers etc) update, and some other bits like media packs. Do you think the issue has come from one of those? I don't think i had any of the extra leagues actually running at any point, I'd just loaded them in case I wanted to go somewhere obscure later on. I managed to find an older auto-save point (from back in April or May '15) and holiday'd through to mid-July and it didn't crash. Unfortunately the rolling auto-save has over-written the original, so I don't have that starting point any more. Thanks for taking a look at it.
  9. My save is crashing every time I try to pass 5th July 2015. Save game from a couple of days before that is uploaded to the FTP - "sideshow robbie earle_15thjulycrash.fm (I put the wrong date on the save name, sorry!). Crash dump message refers to v14.1.4.446361. The crash is always on the same date; I have added / removed quite a few leagues, some with the game and some from the community, but haven't used any external or in-game editing tool. I also have graphics packs (face, kits, ad board etc) in my graphics folder. I have deleted cache, verified game cache and switched from GPU rendering. I've also tried reloading from an earlier save point, but I still get a crash of 5th July. Much obliged if someone could take a look. Cheers, Tim
  10. Did 2 runs, first before reboot, 2nd one after. CPU: Intel i5-3210M CPU Frequency: 2.5 Ghz RAM: 6GB 1600Mhz OS: Win 8 Home 64-bit Time: 9m32, then 8m27
  11. I created a free account at sendspace, and uploaded them there. When it asks you what you want to upload, browse to your save game folder and select the one you want to post up. After it's finished it'll show you the link, and you can just stick that up on here. I already have Bashley and Frickley uploaded, along with a few other medium rare clubs. I've given up reloading for now, I didn't see a new club for two days. Even those I knew had come up for other people weren't showing up for me. It was no longer therapeutic! The rare ones that have come up for someone on here, but not for me: Dulwich Hamlet, East Thurrock, Enfield, Met Police, Poole, Stamford Ones I haven't seen anyone get: Cray, Harrow, Leiston, Wingate & Finchley, Arlesey, Bideford, Biggleswade, Burnham, Frome, Hungerford, Stourbridge, Barwell, Stockbridge, Trafford.
  12. I'm wondering if this is influencing which teams come up after the first season, as well. I haven't seen a team that's new to me in the last 2 or 3 days of reloading, and a couple of the rarer ones I saw before haven't come up again either (Hemel, Grays, Dulwich).
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