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  1. Would imagine it depends very much on the vantage point. The “two banks of 3” could be consider a central block, with the front four matching up the opposition’s back line. Or for want of another, “the central block could be considered bull and wide forwards, the horns“. The Bull and Horns perhaps. Brilliant pub of the same name not far from here.
  2. Have a tendency to play at a slightly higher tempo as default and believe tempo is dictated by formation. If chasing a game, seldom change the tempo, rather the focus of play and passing trajectory.
  3. As was written above. Many of the team TIs are intended to be reactionary and thus situational attributes. That’s not to suggest they can’t be employed from the off, but many, if not cancelling each other out, come with a “what’s the point?” prefix at the start of a game. Run at defence for instance, why? What’s to suggest this will be any more effective than not, before the game’s started? Pass into space, why, what’s to suggest space will be available? These are by and large TIs that require a bit of in-game observation prior to employment. Tempo, passing style and focus are largely dependent on formation and tactical intention to me. I want the ball moved quickly to get it into areas of advantage and away from areas of disadvantage. That being said, to each eye it’s own view. There’s more than one way to play the game and the convoluted mess of one, is the art of another.
  4. Tactical euthanasia, your team being put to sleep, need not be a surprise. As much as I admire the 3-3-4, having seen real world examples, albeit during a youth tournament, it’s AI translation aids and abets a good beating. Even a team of grey players would’ve exposed the flanks and dispatched a few. For what it’s worth, during the youth tournament, it was a Swiss outfit who played it. The wingers were the furthest players forward and stayed chalk on boots. The strikers dropped deep and the midfield three were either well spread or compact, with the outer centrehalves defending the flanks. Wrote a piece on the match years back and set about working a 3-3-4 in FM at the time. Crikey has time flown by. Imagined the 3-3-4 would become commonplace. It never did.
  5. How’s that for space Jose? For all the thesis and dissertation, when push came to shove, once again, Jose was sent packing back to Jurassic Park. Possession to score, possession of space, possession with intent to supply...possession of a p45, get out.
  6. Watch the highlights on Comprehensive and you'll have all the answers desired. If the highlight show wave after wave of opposition attacks, with each reel starting your half, implies they're transitioning to attack with relative ease. The elixir in such instances lies in the line of engagement and pressing intensity. Of course adjustments in either will need reciprocal changes in player roles.
  7. More TI than the noughties smash hit featuring Justin Timberlake. Cautious implies swift breaks when the break comes, with the team holding shape, getting behind the ball, in the interim. With that in mind, the overly aggressive pressing simply breaks shape, the reckless left flank treads on the shards of that broken shape and the No nonsense CB thumps any vestiges of hope into the Thames. Not much caution in the high defensive line and much higher line of engagement, everyone buzzing around like the 5 year old who found the Irn Bru. The gaps between lines are Grand Canyons. How far into the season are you?
  8. Tactical knowledge, favoured formation and playing style of the Asst Manager come in to play here. I tend to sack, sorry agree mutual terminations, for the majority of staff...Asst Mgr especially, unless their attributes are well up there. Simply put, some are completely clueless and make recommendations from the viewpoint of a dullard.
  9. Schematically marrow, but what about the team instructions? Attacking width and focus of play can lead to varying degrees of width. Throw in the stay wider PI and there’s a decent spread to it.
  10. And the obligatory, player search, height, atleast 190cm. Jumping Reach, no less than 17s. Bosssssh!!!
  11. Barca currently playing and fairing far better, in a 3-4-2-1/3-4-1-2 of sorts. There are many plug and plays in the Tactics centre...but, the game’s far more enjoyable finding a formula for yourself.
  12. Tend to use cautious when leading and the opposition has “gone attacking”. Personally, I see anything outside of Balanced or Positive as situational and this a reaction to in-game occurrences. By no means gospel, many differ in their views and have had tremendous results with attacking and very attacking approaches all season long.
  13. “And if we look to the left, we’ll see the elephant in the room” said the Tour Guide...what a mighty array of world class players...haven’t seen such a fantastic assembly since Reed Richards got on the humanitarian aid bandwagon. Absolutely fabulous. What were your results like prior to the advice given?
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