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  1. It seems evident to me, the game is actually being quite kind to you in terms of modelling Championship wages. The cash the players have asked for are exceptionally low for both Championship and League One - they are not asking for too much. You're problem is that you have massively overachieved, possibly at a ridiculous rate and your club is simply not big enough to support a Championship side. You're also being either exceptionally harsh on yourself to an almost delusional level if you think taking a club from tier 11 to the championship using youth recruiting / cast offs is n
  2. I seem to remember King's Lynn getting lumped in the North one year, that's a bit of a trek for some!
  3. A great idea! It's also bloody freezing there too in winter winter! A club I have a soft spot for!
  4. I have a real life soft spot for Corinthian Casuals - this is fun to see!
  5. Glad to see someone else thinking of some West Lancs league action @batch. My closest club is Bamber Bridge (about ten min walk away) but they are far to high to take me on so I have had a hankering for a Lostock St. Gerrard's save for some time
  6. I would remind myself that LLM does not equate to 'hard' or a 'challenge'. The nature of LLM means that it just happens to be often hard and a challenge! I assume because you are using the picker that the side is in this position out of the box so you haven't 'gamed' anything. For immersion / fun purposes I think giving yourself a Portuguese nationality could be a fun way to go. The other thing to consider is the picker is just a way to suggest a team. If it really niggles you for any reason then select another because the most important thing is you liking your save. I think
  7. Why are you giving up the dreams of European football? You're a hero here! Manager:. Umm Bath are tripling my money in Conference South and I'm falling behind on the mortgage. Top LLM mate
  8. I have some thoughts which I think sit here that are not really LLM related but I think will strike a chord with some of us here. Every year since time immemorial there are countless threads about the game being too easy and there are always threads about the game cheating. They both bother me somewhat for different reasons but they have an impact on realism and do not occur with LLM (as far as I can see). The big issue with the game being easy for me is that unless you have always played LLM and been committed to avoiding anywhere where tips and advice are given you will inv
  9. Anyone who has watched football for any length of time will have seen big game drama. I kind of want to do some analysis on 'last day of the season' / cup finals / derby days to see how often something unusual happens in big matches. FM simulates this PERFECTLY in my opinion. In my current save I won a promotion in injury time of the last day of the season so obviously the game is scripted in my favour! Perhaps when people play with the best teams, sign the best players and use tactics which will work 95% of the time the defeats smart all that more. Perhaps when one has a 'cre
  10. The original file was taken down due to an error and is being worked on by the creator. There is an interim file posted on the previous page (7) of this thread.
  11. Yeah, sometimes I got the impression others thought LLM was part of a purity test (and to be fair at times I think some presented it that way) when those who play that way (in my opinion) don't do it as a challenge or for it to be hard but more because it feels the most natural way to play. It's not a 'FM Cult'. I'm of the view that llamas aren't slavishly following a set of rules and more consistently evaluating what's realistic in their games. There is a non-league team about 20 min walk away from me in the first non-playable FM level and the one hour rule is spot on, probably clo
  12. I really like what you have done with the site. I like how it sets out the guidelines and the scope / ethos of LLM and it has plenty of resources for people new to this way of playing. I love you've embedded the one hour travel time map as it's something I always found helped with immersion. I also like how LLM isn't 'set in stone', it's an ethos, a way of thinking about the game and an approach. I think some of the thoughts about additional leagues and how the game has changed is really good. So for instance additional leagues aren't 'the spawn of Satan'
  13. Had a look at the link and to my joy also found http://www.lowerleaguemanager.xyz/forum/index.php is back. When I started playing again in the summer I was saddened that place had seemingly gone. Nice to see some old llamas are still about (don't want to be partisan but those on lowerleaguemanager used the same guidelines and ethos as the LLM forum on here but it felt a lot more fun / welcoming). Nice to see the children of Paco and Frank are still about
  14. Ah yes, the first job at any new LLM club is listening to half the squad tell you they are too good for you. One wonders how they ever signed there in the first place 🙂
  15. @HCFC87 I don't think using trialists is a problem at all (and A. Triallist has a brilliant scoring record in friendlies at certain levels). As you said, at a certain level it's pretty much a key way of recruiting. My comment was more aimed at those who said 'it's easy I just get hundreds of trialists to get the best players'. I have visions of these football clubs needing 50 pitches and equivalent coaches doing training with them all. I saw someone on a thread once say they went through every higher clubs released list and offered trials to EVERYONE. Re Gegenpress,
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