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  1. Fun 'fact' - Possibly named after legendary professional wrestler Keiji Muto's finishing move, the 'Shining Wizard'
  2. Yeah, I'm not the best. On some versions I have done quite well and on others really struggled. I do laugh at the 'FM is too easy' posts because it's never been 'easy' for me. I had a six year break but got the bug in the summer and am back. I remember the llama forum here well and for a while was active on another LLM forum. Normally took me about four months to get three seasons for the posting rule so rarely bothered updating here.
  3. Unless you are going to displace a manager at the start of a game the only way to do it is to holiday until a job comes up. To be fair, depending on where one lives, to it can be quite easy to get a relatively local job and then you have two ways to go - if a full time job comes up then you can go anywhere but if you're sacked or tapped up elsewhere and it's a part time role it has to be quite near. I imagine this would be impossible in many leagues except England unless you had editor files but if you had sufficient depth in a given country it is doable. The only thing I
  4. Just started reading this thread and am delighted to see this idea come up. When managing a part time or amateur club I do something similar, basically plot a 50 mile radius around the ground and only sign players if their last club is in that radius or if they are out of contract their home city is in it. I occasionally make allowances for 18 year olds only if there is a huge university within a mile or two of the ground (my local non-league club is a combination of uni kids and journeymen who have played for everyone else within 20 miles). I think if one is playing with edited low
  5. We do get games in real life where nothing goes right but I think many of us can identify with the 20 plus shots on goal and losing 1-0 (last night I had a ridiculous xg but still lost ) of course in Morocco the goalkeeper scored a 10!
  6. Oh wow, I thought England had quite an easy route to the semi's at least. It's funny that they stuck nine past Morroco's North African rivals Egypt but here they really have slipped up. But what a performance from the Moroccan keeper!
  7. The dreams of the Uzbeki's are over! It's been fun seeing their journey to do so well. The bottom of the draw looks great. Six European sides will lead to one semi-finalist, at least three of the sides will think they belong there!
  8. FM is not easy. (admittedly I came back to the game a few months ago following a six year break and still follow the old llama guidelines but whatever 🙂)
  9. That looks quite a bad tempered game with the Germans doing just enough. Some giants of world football coming together with potentially Italy meeting Argentina and the winner of that likely facing Germany.
  10. Heartbreaking for Honduras! What a shame to be so close and to miss out. I notice there is a possibility of a Switzerland vs Argentina rematch. One of the things I enjoy about this experiment is the number of stories it has naturally developed.
  11. I just revisited the rankings. Belgium, Denmark and Croatia are all Pot 1 teams who have underachieved by not making it through. Uzbekistan and Canada are the only Pot 3 teams who have qualified so far. Of course Canada have 'home' advantage but Uzbekistan are the second lowest ranked team in the tournament making their achievements all the more notable. Loving this!
  12. A brilliant performance from Uzbekistan when you look at it! It will take a miracle for Egypt to qualify now as every permutation of Sweden vs Ghana puts one or both above them. Only Switzerland or Argentina losing by ten goals in games they are favourites in can save them now. I think if Austria win a draw in the last game would see Ghana pip Nigeria on 'goals scored' if Switzerland and Argentina win as expected.
  13. The incentive of a Top 8 position leads to some interesting scenarios. I think with the exception of Ghana Vs Sweden every match really requires both teams to win, to either qualify or reach the top 8. It seems likely that only two games will have had one competitor with nothing to play for and since we have highlighted the Disgrace of Gijon there is a possibility that going into the last game Ghana and Sweden could engineer a draw for both to qualify (unless of course it kicks off at the same time as Austria vs Iran). There is also the excitement of waiting and being interes
  14. Some big shocks for Croatia and Belgium! The table doesn't lie though and if you can't pick up a win you don't deserve to go through. I'm interested that it looks like only two teams (Burkina Faso and Iraq) enter their last match with nothing to play for. Looks like Italy are through too! I was thinking Peru Vs Australia looked like a 'West Germany vs. Austria' situation where a draw should be enough for Peru and puts Australia into the top 8. I don't think it will though because someone below Australia will win and pass them on goal difference. Australia need the win to be sure.
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