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  1. EHM is based on the old engine. I would love a new version of EHM based on the new engine. A pipedream i know but i would love to have a more modern user interface and all that. If nothing else i would love to be able to resize the game in windowed mode.
  2. When after 12 pages and ~1100 posts you can still come up with new stuff to put in this thread..
  3. Tó Madeira and the greeks (Anastasios Skalidis and a few other of his fellow greek players that were just as good as him). edit: Alexandros Papadopoulos is one of the other greeks. I know there were atleast one more amazing player but i forgot what his name was.
  4. I just wanted to add something to my wish about the League development, specificly prize money/tv money. In real life the deals with Premier League, Serie A and so on that has to do with the various TV-licenses are in contract form (atleast it is in Swedish fotball). This contract runs out after specific date. This needs to be added to the game, it would work like the sponsorship thing in the game but for the league instead. Now lets say you start off a game with a shitty tv-deal (due to the fact that the league you're in isn't very intresting) now let also say that after 20-30 years of playing in this league it has developed. The TV-deal offered would probably be alot better than the one you start off with. This allows leagues to grow (again makes for more fun gameplay in my book). I can't think of any reason to not include this feature in future games, it wouldn't impact people who only play short games (5-10 years) very much only people like me who enjoy longer games and would love the challenge of turning a shitty little league into a respected league. Okay there are features i would work on before i would get started on this one but i would absolutely put it on my todo list if i were you.
  5. Here are a few ideas i have The Board This aspect of the game sucks, and you guys at SI probably know it. It needs fixing. - If the club has a Director of Football he should actually do something (just one of many possible examples). - Okay perhaps it's an english thing but you do know that a Chairman isn't a dictator right ?! Atleast in Swedish clubs we can elect new chairmen without a takeover (this is usually done at the yearly meeting, although the usual thing is that the current chairman gets re-elected) - Chairmen accepts to many crappy bids for players i have no plans on "giving" away. This happens when a clubs reputation isn't high enough and even though you are set economicly the Chairman feels a need to sell players for coffee-money. - On this note, Chairmen (or the board in general) need to have Ambition!, if the chairman of my club has the ambition of making it to CL (again just one possible example) and establishing the club at that level he wouldn't give away players for nothing. Please remember that a modern football club is like a company (at pro-level offcourse). Coaching staff Stop relying on reputation so damn much, how many coaches you are able to sign is just one example. It's not decided how famous my club is but by how much money is available in the budget (this is decided by the board, has to do with money, ambition and so on). Transfer system - The transfer fees in FM08 are waaayyy to high, I shouldn't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a players that would probably go for less in real life. - One no should be enough, okay i develop a young players in my club and he starts playing well. The player attracts the attention of other clubs, they end up making a bid that i get offended by and refuse. I get a new call and i say okay i want x-amount of euro for this player (i say this amount to all clubs who ask). They back down (not wanting to actually pay for the guy). Next transferwindow (or whatever) all clubs collectly develop amnesia and starts with the lowballing once again. My point?, make the others clubs remember what i want for my player, don't ask me what i want for him as a work around just look at the sum i gave you last time i gave you one. Editor - Now all of us know about custom db's and alot of people use them (basicly the si-db with updated transfers and stuff). These db's become quite large and more than one person work on these unofficial db's. Please support this as it makes your game(s) more playable and more enjoyable for a longer period of time. Now to what i want, please implement a diff-system. Lets say this existed for FM08, i start of with the FM08 8.0.2 db and make a number of changes. Instead of saving only being able to save the entire db i should be able to save the changes into a diff-file (you don't have to call it that but thats what it would be basicly). This diff-file would be alot smaller and i could pass it on to another person who is working on the same db, that person would load this diff with the editor and basicly it would make all the appropriate changes into his 8.0.2 db. This would be an awesome feature. - This wish isn't really that important but it would be fun if you had the ability to create a custom league with the editor. League development - You guys are way to stuck on keeping the status quo. In real life leagues reputation does grow. This is a thing that would make the game alot more fun in the long run. - This could not be done without also changing prize-money and so on when the league reaches certain points of reputation. This is realistic and you know it (if a league has grown more money is likely to be invovled, it's simple logic) These are the ideas i can think of atm.
  6. I've mentioned it here before but i never got any feedback on whether you people liked it or thought it was horrible so here i go again. I would like there to be a staffingrole called "Youth Manger" that basicly would take care of the youth team. Right now you can have a coach do this but usually a team hires someone to do this (if they are serious about their youthteam it's usually a manager not just regular coach). Also if you have a good Youth Manager your youthsystem would be affected by this in some way. What do you people think?
  7. Notice: about that Board thing, the goal doesn't have to be the Premiership obviously it was just an example.
  8. My wish is that FM08 has seriously worked on the Board. Clubs must have goals and targets (not sure what the specific terms in english is), most clubs have a target for the current season (sort of like you have now) AND! a longer term goal to lets say get to the Premiership. This is very important, lets make up an example. You have a team in a lower division, their finances are good. The board decides that they want to try to make it to the premiership. This affects how they think about things, they will try to get a manger that will build the team with the future in mind. Take that AI experiment team The Bandits, their board would absolutely decide to try to make it to the Premiership with their Riches and they would've hired their manager with that in mind and made sure that he actually made use of their enormous budget. My guess is also that they would be able to attract players who normaly wouldn't play for them since some players notice that the club is serious about reaching the higher divisions. My idea is rough i know and it needs alot of work, but if done correctly i seriously think it would add another level to the game. Also i want the Youthteams to play in real youth-leagues like the do in real life, it would be an awesome aspect of the game if it really meant something when your youthteam actually won their league (like in real life)
  9. A new staffingpost, i'm not sure about what to call it but Youth Manager or something should do. Basicly what he does is handle the youthteam. Here in sweden it's not uncommon to get lowerleague managers to sign on to handle the youthteams (when the team seriously wants to invest into the youthside of their club).
  10. Oh yeah i found an easy solution, it's not the perfect one (wich would probably involve screwing with the AI-code). Instead of only beeing able to set "Accept all offers of xx or more but reject lower" you should be able to set it to something like this: "Accept all offers of xx or more and renegotiate lower (to asking price)"
  11. ...To sum it up... Another thing i would like fixed as it's very annoying, is the shameful bids other clubs keep making on my players. So lets say i've got a young player (whom i bought myself or i've gotten via my youth system), the players does well in my club and other clubs make transferbids. I laugh at the amount they are offering as i usually want much more for my players (i don't give my players away for free you know). Anyways i tell the club (s) the amount i want, they back off. Then later (usually when the next transferwindow opens) the same club(s) comes with the same shitty offers like they totally forgot what i told them the last time they came to me with that crap. Seriously i know you can set it so you automaticly say no to those kinds of offers but i shouldn't have to, Arsenal or whomever should remember that i want atleast £20m for my striker and not a penny less...
  12. * Staff, i don't know how it's done in the rest of the world but in Sweden our coaches are often the guys who get to decide how the fitness training and so on gets done. So if i hire a really good coach in the game i actually want to reap the benefits of that. The sum it up, i want to be able to ask the coaches to recomend me a training-program. If the coach is bad you might not get a good program but it's pretty realistic in my eyes. Yes Managers usually do have the last word when it comes to training but the staff (other than the Ass Man) also have alot of input on the matter (atleast in Sweden).
  13. Congrats on the promotion
  14. Nice, i hope you get a good 3rd round draw.
  15. err can't wait for the next installment, hehe.
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