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  1. Any PL top six level players that are an absolute steal when you first start the game? I remember a couple last year like Soler could be had for buttons. Most of the youngsters I've tried to buy so far have had astronomical asking prices.
  2. I'm playing as United mate, signing Liverpool players is not on! Any more RB suggestions still very much appreciated...
  3. Right sided defenders is a difficult one, trying to find a younger player to replace Tony V. DR/WBR ideally. Who's the best of the young CMs? Tielemans still worth a go?
  4. Argh just started a new game but the temptation is strong.
  5. What coaches are people going for? I can never understand why United always seem to have far too few staff on FM.
  6. I've been getting battered when playing decent teams on 17, replayed Arsenal about 15 times until I chanced a draw. I accept my tactics must be dire. First 11 as follows: Dave Tete Baily Smalling Shaw Herrera Pogba Miki Mata Martial Zlatan/Rashford Incidentally I'm astounded at some of the player ratings, notably Jones, Rojo and Schneiderlin. I've probably seen most United games Rojo has played, on TV and at OT, and no chance does the lad merit 18 Tackling and 16 Marking. Anyway, tactics suggestions welcome.
  7. Had exactly the same with United! Not many right backs with decent tackling stats it seems.
  8. Thanks! After a wonderkid/international though, got a decent backup RB.
  9. Any suggestions for a top four PL right-back?
  10. I'm half tempted to stream via Steam from my living room PC to my Macbook Pro, these are the specs: PC: i7 3770 3.4Ghz (Turbo mode on my MSI mobo puts it at 3.9Ghz on all cores), 16GB RAM, Nitro RX480 8GB Macbook Pro: i7 2.3Ghz, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 750M 2GB The Mac has handled the previous few versions of FM well though it seems to take while to crunch through results. Is the 64bit version going to give me a performance boost?
  11. Anyone seeing problems with home-grown players in the next few seasons? Having to scout for 17/18 year olds with potential or overpay for English players.
  12. Scored a hat-trick in an under-21's game (getting match fit), the legend.
  13. For people who are into their second season, is the debt an issue? Obviously we all know it's been a massive concern since 2005, but even the sceptics like Andy Green consider that the current cashflow at the club is extremely profitable. Surely the Adidas deal kicking in alone should ensure the finances are healthy in-game?
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