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  1. Hi. Just to let you know the newest version is out. All leagues verified this time. The Spain friendly issue seems to have fixed itself - Or at least I can't replicate it. Enjoy - https://www.mediafire.com/file/6anm0e3pfrppcpu/Real+Fixtures+FM19.rar
  2. Ok thanks for the feedback about Spain - Not sure if theres much that can be done, I'll see if I can find out how to amend the 'friendly' season for a league, I'm sure it can be done. No worries!
  3. Excellent good to hear - I will be releasing again maybe at the end of the week, I'll try to get into a schedule for releasing them - Not sure how frequently people want/need them. They don't take long to do - I've written a program that generates all of the files quickly in one go.
  4. Ok thats interesting to know as I did see that in the editor when I checked them and did change them but if that is happening in game then that is odd. I wonder if they have been 'undone' somehow. There were a few leagues like it, and even one that ended too soon. I'll look into it tomorrow.
  5. It will eventually load. I have stated that above - I had to wait a good 30 minutes or so. At least that is what people will have to do until the first update comes out for the game.
  6. The real fixtures pack is back. There are currently 102 leagues as I don't have a complete fixture list for the Indian I-League. Download from here As before, there are .xml files which can be put in your editor data folder, or text files that can be combined with your already existing nation rules files (for example, if you are using a database that adds lower divisions). PLEASE NOTE: the current version of the game is painfully slow to load editor files so I recommend only using one nation at a time for now, until this bug is fixed. Hopefully will be soon. I've verified e
  7. I've got some further info after testing it myself I've raised an issue in the bugs forum.
  8. Hi, I've almost prepared the first release of my real fixtures pack, but there is a bit of an issue loading the exported .xml files into game - The game doesn't seem to get past the main menu - Is this now something that can't be done, or a bug in the new editor/game? The reason I want to use .xml files for this is purely because I can automate the creation of future versions with actual match results, rather than have to use separate game editor files. Anyone have any idea or info?
  9. Unfortunately it doesnt - If only that could be a possibility - Its not too bad when you are about halfway through a season - it looks a bit weird when you start at the end of a season unforuntately.
  10. Good luck! This is exactly what the update was created for!
  11. No sorry, I confused myself - I didn't realise that the SI Games patch contained a data update. I like to start my games with the squads etc as they were in September - I noticed the game is now starting with Moysey at West Ham and assumed it was this file which did that. This is a very good update. Will start a new game ones we've got the correct managers in!
  12. Hi, Is there a version of this file with no general update, so the game can be played as though the date were 1/7/17? Looks great !!
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