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  1. Me and my friend have had this problem, we stopped playing in November because of it, was hoping it would have been fixed by now. Also it would be nice for some acknowledgement from someone from SI in this thread as a number of people are reporting the problem.
  2. This is also happening on my network game with my friend who has a mac, it's making the game unplayable.
  3. I've got quite a big bug atm. I started as Schalke on the first BETA, updated and carried on with my game and everything is fine. Then comes Friday, update to the full release and finish my season and everything is fine, until my third season where I haven't had any leaugue fixtures arranged just Champions League. When I click on the league (First Division) it's still showing last season's league table despite it being September 1st.
  4. Is there any plans to do some rolling updates during the BETA? Or do we have to wait until the release?
  5. Steam works for millions of people everyday for thousands of games, it not appearing in your library is probably down to your incompetences, it's SI or Sega's fault at all.
  6. "Miles Jacobson ‏@milesSI It's just been confirmed to me that, barring any major mishaps, the #FM13 beta will be live tonight. "
  7. The BETA isn't out yet, they will send you the code when it is.
  8. Has anyone managed to sign a decent/good Ukranian LB?
  9. Just started a game with Vitesse, great thread and great write up of the squad.
  10. Just finished my 2nd season, won the league both times. Still can't get Akinfeev to sign for me.
  11. Anji

    Just finished my first season and won the league :D Really didn't expect to. Now I need to focus on getting some decent young Russians in, can anybody recommend any?
  12. Sorry but the most basic of computers users know how to use google and search something on it.
  13. Not really hard for people to go on google is it and search there problems. Some people just need to use common sense.
  14. Some people are unbelievable on this site, you are one of the worst i've seen, a little trip to google would help you fix your problem. Steam isn't really that hard to use, I had the same problem took 5 - 10 minutes to fix it, only requires the smallest bit of intelligence which you seem to lack.
  15. Finished 4th in my first season, made some good signings so far including Eriksen from Ajax and Stegen from Gladbach who looks like he is going to be amazing.