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  1. Sean Connery spent a while looking for this guy...
  2. As above. If I sign a player or staff member who doesn't speak the language, I can send him or her on an intensive course. But I can't see that I have the option to send myself on such a course. Have I missed it, or am I simply not allowed to go to night school to learn, in this case, French?
  3. No idea, it's probably based on club reputation. But my god, that sounds like a complicated way of playing the game!
  4. Great concept but two things stop it from working for me: 1) the on screen keyboard doesn't appear when I want to enter some text, for example my name in the manager creation screen. 2) scrolling up and down lists is a major pain in the backside. Is it that hard (genuine question, it might be for all I know!) to enable touch scrolling so I can just flick up and down the list, rather than trying to grab a scrollbar and drag it up and down? I'm running the game on a Windows 10 tablet.
  5. Have you launched and played the game since you reinstalled it? I think the folder only gets created after the first run of the game.
  6. Superb, thank you. I'm looking to dabble in the world of skinning for the first time this year. Initially I just want to make some subtle changes to the default skin. To that end, can anyone tell me which setting I need to change to alter the Prozone bar on the processing screen to something other than white text on pale green background? It's a rare false step in SI's normally very readable skins.
  7. ...much like your post.
  8. Great news. I take it I'm not the only one who thinks the colours are hard to read?
  9. Will that come with the full release? I know nothing of these things; the most I've ever done is download other people's skins.
  10. Is there/will there be a way to change the colour of the bar from the pale green with white writing? It's so hard to read.
  11. Is it just me or is it really hard to read the black on red for some of the screens for Truro?
  12. Can't argue with that, cheers!