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  1. FM20 full fat for me. You know, I've never been back to an old version, even though they sit staring at me in my Steam library. Maybe I should do that some time.
  2. Sounds like you have responsibilities set up to give these guys the power to do this. The board can always veto transfers but any other staff should only do this if you've delegated the authority?
  3. I'll have a look. Although to be fair, I checked and he did guide Blackburn into the EPL so I suppose his stock has risen to an extent.
  4. Tony Mowbray has just been appointed England manager in my save, in July 2020. As immersion-busters go, that's right up there
  5. 9am kick off for my first friendly (Gateshead vs Kilmarnock)... seems a bit early for the travelling fans! And for the home fans, to be fair.
  6. I have the day off work tomorrow! But I'm supposed to be packing to move house on Saturday... Hmm...
  7. It'll be tonight. I know this because I'm working away from home and haven't brought my personal laptop with me. Sod's Law therefore kicks in.
  8. Definitely latest I can remember for a long time. I've normally been sacked at least twice by then...
  9. Wouldn't know, I assumed most of the digital options are global but I take your point.
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