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  1. resolved

    Powered up my laptop tonight, Steam loaded and promptly said an update was queued. Sat there for a while, seemingly downloading nothing, then said the game was ready to play. With trepidation I clicked "play"... and the game has launched into version 17.2. Whatever was wrong seems to be ok now. Thanks anyway though!
  2. resolved

    I haven't checked for updates to my graphics drivers, Direct X and Net Framework (I will do that tonight), but I have checked that Kaspersky is allowing the game to launch, and Windows is up to date as of Tuesday night. I'll do the bits I haven't done tonight at some point and report back. One thing though, I haven't had a crash dump... it literally just doesn't run.
  3. resolved

    Probably worth starting your own thread with this, as it's for a different issue on a different OS. Try here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/514-crashes-and-technical-issues-on-mac-or-linux/
  4. resolved

    Mine is doing this as well. It worked perfectly until the patch. I have deleted cache, verified game files, made sure my anti-virus is allowing the game to run, the lot. I'm on Windows 10 by the way. The OS itself did an update on Tuesday, and as I hadn't run the game since before then it's possible the issue is related to one or both updates.
  5. I'm running the file check now, and while I waited I opened up Kaspersky and it seems to be on some kind of "low restricted" list. I've switched it to allowed, and once the verification finishes, I'll try it again. Thank for the advice.
  6. I've done that, and then rebooted for good measure. Still nothing. When I try to launch the game from within the Steam Library (by clicking the blue Play button), the word Running appears next to the game title for a few seconds, then "Syncing" flashes for a split second, then nothing. The game isn't showing as running in Task Manager. Any thoughts?
  7. How would I delete the cache? Did the other two but not that.
  8. So, ever since the update installed I can't launch the game. Anyone else?
  9. Is anyone else finding the download really slow? Mine's been stopped at 44% for ages. Before that it stopped on 14%. Internet connection is fine.
  10. I wonder if this is an attempt by the game to be self-referential, akin to the comments you see sometimes about boards having to ignore all the usual "Football Manager" job applicants?
  11. Interesting result in the 2017 FA Cup Final (I don't manage either side).
  12. The really telling thing for me is that this feedback page is currently 5 pages long. I've seen years when it's been ten times that, full of complaints, rants and whinges - some of them justified. SI seem to be getting better at releasing a highly polished product on release day, and that's to be applauded.
  13. Not sure, but maybe that's something for FM18; hiring a head groundsman. Preferred grass design: concentric circles Preferred grass length: 5mm White line straightness deviation: 0 to 1 degrees Preferred lawnmowing technique: grazing sheep