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  1. The board invite me to a meeting to discuss their idea to buy the ground. THEIR idea, note. I tell them I think it's a great idea. They respond with: "We are not currently willing to consider this due to the club's present financial situation. Let's hope the next time we have a meeting it goes a lot better than this one." Well, jeez guys, next time perhaps don't bother me with it, then.
  2. Love the speed of the game now it's gone all 64 bit on us. I am flying through seasons - huge swathes of fixtures are processed in the blink of an eye. Apart from the new things already discussed, I just found a new feature I really like - the ability to have more than one shortlist, and you can name them too. All in all this is a very impressive Beta release - probably the best iteration of the game at this stage of the release cycle I have seen. And like many of us here, I have played literally EVERY version of this game since it was on the Commodore Amiga...
  3. I absolutely loved FM Live.
  4. God damnit will you all stop trying to download it at the same time? Mine was rattling along at a speed of knots, but has now slowed to a trickle.
  5. Runs round living room with shirt pulled over head....
  6. I just hope SI have resisted temptation to start calling your lot versus my lot a derby...
  7. I've got a work trip to one of our other UK sites tomorrow, I'll be damn sure to get home at a reasonable hour now!
  8. Of all the things to get wound up about...
  9. Fair enough I stand corrected!
  10. Presumably saving and loading would be improved too, which is important in saves spanning many seasons.
  11. And he might be in a good mood after Watford won this afternoon. Or, it might just be released when it's ready...
  12. How much do you think RB would go for in today's market? Young? Check. English? Check. Flair player? Check.
  13. Looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to play now. In particular looking forward to seeing what difference the 64 bit optimisation makes, and I love the UI overhaul that makes news items easier to respond to, the Social Media stuff, and the new staff roles.
  14. There's been a clue in plain sight for a while I think - Miles Jacobson's Twitter profile pic looks to me as if it's a new manager face generator. I might be wrong, like.