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  1. re: 3D manager face... shortly after I got FM17 my wife walked past the screen when I had my generated-from-a-photo 3D manager face on the screen and said, "That looks just like you, how did they do that?!"... so for me I always felt it was fine as a replacement for the photo. That said, horses for courses, and I think it would be reasonable to supply both options for people to use.
  2. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    He's a test subject at Red Bull's labs.
  3. If people would just read stuff it would stop a whole load of heartache!
  4. Of course, just because Mike Ashley says the club is for sale, doesn't mean he will sell it. Prospective buyers will have to match his price (likely to be high, because it's Mike Ashley), and also meet his requirement that the new owners can take the club forward, which is a fairly nebulous statement. There's every chance this is just a ruse to keep the baying masses quiet - I wouldn't trust the guy as far as I could throw him...
  5. Quite niche this, I think, but I also believe it's good that SI are looking to make the game as attractive to as wide a range of people as possible, without deserting the hard core FM'ers.
  6. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    I like the look of this, a lot!
  7. Short Seasons

    Ah ok. To be honest I only knew this after reading about Nigel Pearson moving to that division, I've never looked at it in FM!
  8. Short Seasons

    Belgian second tier only has 8 teams, that must make for a fairly short season unless they play each other 4 times or something.
  9. If anything I'd suggest the Brexit mechanics in FM18 need to include MORE possibilities... including how many years the whole damn process takes, or if it happens at all!
  10. Surely the video is entirely in keeping with the football world at the minute, with the inventive player unveilings and goal updates that we've seen clubs use over the summer and into the season? To me SI were just tapping into that general mood in a humorous and light-hearted way. Football Manager is a game, when all's said and done - yes we take it seriously, yes we devote hundreds and thousands of hours to it, but it's still an entertainment form. I'm quite sure the information re: new features will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime, if you didn't like the video, just pretend you haven't seen it and that there's been no announcement yet - after all, we can all imagine we're real football managers so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch
  11. Longest Time Unemployed

    Cool, must admit I never pay any attention to the manager's salary.
  12. Longest Time Unemployed

    Interested to know your reasons for turning the job down based on the salary offered? Do you role-play the game that seriously?
  13. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I always struggle to fully enjoy an FM save as Pompey; my own emotional attachment to the club means I rarely make "realistic" managerial decisions, and I'm also far more likely to bring real world prejudices against players into the game. So, my shortlist at the minute is: Hartlepool United - newly relegated to the 5th tier, the challenge is on to regain their League status by succeeding in a notoriously difficult division to "escape". Blyth Spartans - playable out-of-the-box for the first time in a few seasons, I have family up there... and to be honest I love the team name! Something completely different - I rarely play outside of the English League system, familiarity I guess. But I do fancy finding a fallen European giant and resurrecting their fortunes.
  14. failing to start game

    Powered up my laptop tonight, Steam loaded and promptly said an update was queued. Sat there for a while, seemingly downloading nothing, then said the game was ready to play. With trepidation I clicked "play"... and the game has launched into version 17.2. Whatever was wrong seems to be ok now. Thanks anyway though!
  15. failing to start game

    I haven't checked for updates to my graphics drivers, Direct X and Net Framework (I will do that tonight), but I have checked that Kaspersky is allowing the game to launch, and Windows is up to date as of Tuesday night. I'll do the bits I haven't done tonight at some point and report back. One thing though, I haven't had a crash dump... it literally just doesn't run.