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  1. I'm using third part skin , yes. But i've tried original skin-same story. In wich section of bugs forum should i post or look for it? thanks.
  2. So-maybe somebody from SI team will be kind enough to treat problem with no players reports available???!!! It's really annoying not to be able to use this important (in my view) feature.
  3. I don't get none. Player appeared to be scouted but no scout report is there. It ether saying it's in process of scouting and shortly will be presented or that i need to send somebody to scout (and i've already done it and player got his stars-but no report is there..) ?!
  4. So-nobody have problem with scout reports? Is it bug or not? Some suggestions? Please?
  5. Hi Don't know if this is right section to post, but... Is it me or since 12.2 something happend with scouts reports??? I mean-there's none. Player appear to be scouted-but no report is present. Just blank page saying that "you need to ask your stuff to scout etc." ,wich has been done and stars are there! Bug? Or am i missing something? Thanks for answer.