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  1. What role have people been using Pogba in as a MC? I've tried all sorts, advanced playmaker, roaming playmaker, mezzala. Nothing seems quite right
  2. £39.5m rising to £43 million. Initially wasn't my first choice, but the price seemed to be pretty reasonable, and added instant quality. Although maybe the fact that he was 29 brought the price down compared to someone in their mid 20s.
  3. Just finished my first season, not the most successful. Finishing 3rd in the league, Champions League QF but winning the FA cup possibly saved my job. I tried to keep almost the original squad playing 4-3-3, only bringing in Nainggolan. Was hit by long injuries to Lukaku and Shaw was gave me a few headaches, although Rashford did a great job playing at the striker. Planing to bring in new Full Back and a top centre back in the transfer window. Seemed to be a lot of individual errors at the back which cost us big games. Anyone managed to get Gomes to develop? My coaches seem to rate his potential very highly.
  4. Took me a while to get the 2 midfielders sorted, but ended up with DM (Ball Winning Midfielder - Support) and a MC (Deep Lying Playmaker - Defend). Seems to give a good balance.
  5. Anyone else struggled to attract some players? Saying they have no intention of joining.
  6. Unfortunatley this is a data error, the clause was in his Sporting contract and it has been carried across the his United one by mistake, I imagine it will be fixed in the next update.
  7. Anyone else finding that young players develop more slowly in this game? Or is it just me?
  8. I brought in Verratti, who has been a good replacement for Carrick.
  9. Started a new save, can't decide on a central midfielder to go for. Tried to get Koke but Monaco offered him huge wages and he went there. Might see how much PSG want for Verratti.
  10. It is often the case that if determination is high then professionalism is high too, which makes determination a useful guide.
  11. I'm aware it is not as important as some people believed, especially in terms of player development.
  12. Well I've seen people before that have disappointed that their chosen tutor has caused a decrease in a player's determination, so thought I'd mention it in case some people were not aware of this. Just trying to help.
  13. Just a heads up to those who may not know. Not sure why you seem have to taken issue with this.
  14. If you get a player to be tutored by a player with lower determination I've found that the younger player's determination will fall and I think Rio has a lower determination than Jones.
  15. Just to let people know, the Man United researcher has said Kagawa's passing needs increasing from 14 and Januzaj needs the 'Avoids Using Weaker Foot' PPM removing, which won't happen until the next data update. So people may want to use the editor to implement these changes themselves before starting a new United save when the full game is released.
  16. Anyone tried Alex Sandro as an alternative to the usual left backs?
  17. It feels like there are a lot of players you can sign far to easily.
  18. Feels like there is generally a lack of world class wide players that are available, so tempted to try a 4-1-2-1-2 formation or maybe 4-2-3-1 with 3 AMs, with attacking full backs. Which would mean offloading Nani, Young and Valencia, seems like it might be the way to go, but the lack of width it isn't quite the Man United way.
  19. Well after my amazing first season at Atalanta my next season wasn't quite as successful. Making the Champions League group stages really stretched my squad to its limit, and I ended up finishing 6th. Although I was given a decent budget to play with thanks to the Champions League football, so should be looking to get back into the top 3 again.
  20. I'm 3/4 of the way through my first season at Atalanta and it might turn into one of my greatest FM achievements for a long time, I'm currently 3rd only a point of 2nd, and its looking like Champions League qualification is a real possibility, despite the 2 point deduction. I raided Scandinavia for some new blood and brought in a couple of loans, mainly at the back, attacking wise the squad starts of with a decent amount of quality.
  21. I signed Butland, he's a great back up but won't ever challenge De Gea. Only cost a couple of million too.
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